How the hell do you complete this challenge. I can only ever get 1/2 in completion no matter how many cows I eat before levelling up to commerce age??? Bugged/??

Completed it yesterday with no problems. Weird.

Same, completed without any problems.

Don’t use cheats, mods, turn off game modifiers - default mode, default starting age etc.

What builds cows? I only get cattles.

Used straw cows from Texas map, still doesn’t work lol wtf???

First thing - edit your posts, you don’t have to write a new one for one sentence, don’t spam.
About challenge- you don’t build starting cows. You get them for free, they spawn along your starting villagers.

cows? I only get cattles. umm, is this a joke? Haha.

  1. Click on African challenge button on the main menu screen
  2. Don’t change the game type, just make sure you’re playing as Ethiopia or Hausa. Start on any map you wish.
  3. At start you get like 4 cows, one is being killed right away by vills. Just finish that one and one more and that’s it.

Where is the problem? Looks like you are overthinking it. Why do you want to use map cows?!