Resource drop off buildings? dense forests?

I wanna watch my villagers munch through a huge forest like in aoe2, I know that technically you can do that in aoe3 but it doesn’t feel as satisfying as in aoe2 also the trees in aoe3 are spread out, in aoe2 they are dense and huge.

it also adds more depth to gameplay and strategizing(the drop offs). you have to be involved in the process rather than just set it and forget it, and it’s more realistic I guess.

please bring these back :slight_smile:


They are back, visible in screenshots

Yes please!!! I hope they return.

Yep, we definitely need drop off points for resources, they wont make the same mistake again.


Also you can see that in aoe4 behind the scenes video(minute 1:52)


Thanks for taking the time to share these.

we can see at 1:54 the worker is moving from the building to the sheep and the worker carrying wood too. very good.