Resource hacker's report 🔥🥩

Good morning. During today’s gameplay in Age of Empires IV, we encountered two individuals whose resources suspiciously and rapidly grew from practically zero to several thousand, mainly in food. The first person goes by the name SIKVI.

The recording of the gameplay replay is available on YouTube at this address:
The main action starts at 1:40.

The second person goes by the nickname Guigoui69380.
The recording of the gameplay replay is available at this address:
The main action starts at 3:00.

In the descriptions of the YouTube videos, you can find links to the Steam profiles and aoe4world profiles of these individuals.

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Did the french player have a guild hall, if so watch it around the 3 minute mark amd see if he withdraws from it around then

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100% sure these resources didn’t come from the guild hall. The entire recording is also available on my profile (Misteriusowy in AOE). Both of these players experienced a sudden jump in resources to 10,000 at the same moment (around 45 minutes into the game). One of them was English, so he didn’t even have a guild hall, and the other was French, but both are definitely friends (you can see that they constantly play together), and the jump in food in both cases occurred at the same moment.

Yeah look at the guild hall the french player could have let it stack food for most of the game and use it only now, then he procceeds to give most of the food to his english ally.


This food does not come from the guild hall.

Look at this. SIKVI, the first player (English, blue), has a very high food income, jumping from around 2 thousand to 10 thousand (you can also see it in the recording) - England does not have an age that allows generating any resources.

At the same time, the player Guigoui69380 also suddenly has 10 thousand food. Both at the exact same moment. It is NOT possible that Guigoui69380 pulled food from the guild hall and sent it to the English player, as the English player had a sudden increase in food first.

Take a look at the videos I attached in the first post.

Setting aside the fact that the French player couldn’t have sent food to the English friend because the English friend had the first increase in food, on the French player’s chart, there are no decreases in food after this spike, so he definitely didn’t send anything to anyone.

Good Thing that you can look personaly in anyone’s replays.

Guild hall about a min before he takes the food almost 13000 food

Food retrieved from the guild hall. 46:44 min

10 seconds after sends most of the food

So yeah literally just the guild hall and then a food transfer.
You literaly see it in your videos too btw.

Have a good night/day.