Resource laming

I have seen a lot of resource laming. Assuming opponent is in Feudal Age and he even gets 2 seconds of build time, the palisade wall created has 72 HP which takes 48 seconds of defender’s villager time to break.

If the wall is completed (walls with 249 HP have 0 armor and walls with 250 HP have 2 armor), it will take 500 seconds of villager work time to break.

Investing 2 wood and 7 seconds on each tile can deny resources of much more value easily.

Nerfing walls in general has been done too much. So I aim for nerfing resource laming, by the following method:

  • Villagers gain +3 attack bonus against Walls and Gates. *

Usually laming isn’t done by gates, but there isn’t a separate class. This can also mean breaking through the defensive walls at the base of towers easily, but that can easily be dealt with by using houses instead of walls.

This means that villagers deal 6 damage to unfinished palisade walls and 4 damage to finished ones.


No don’t don’t enough nerf walls. Sending forward villagers like that is high risk, big reward. There is a great chance you could catch their villager in the act and kill him with ease. It is an incredibly risky move.


Stop nerfing walls. Stop nerfing things that don’t need nerfing. Open maps are more aggressive and laming is an elementary part in gaining an advantage over your opponent. If this gamestyle is not enjoyable, there are many maps that prevent this: Black Forest, Arena, Islands, Team Islands, Hideout etc.


Exactly. Plus sending your villagers forward like that is very risky. They can get themselves killed.


To all you lamers, I just would like to mention that destroying or rendering resources useless is considered a war crime (for a rightful reason too).

To add to the discussion. Yeah anything that is against laming is good. Wall nerfs are even better, unfinished walls need a nerf and going forward should be rewarded (= Villager doing more damage vs Walls is great, buffs Trushing)

It’s so sad that so many build order user defend if we take away their walls just because they can’t handle “messy” games


War crimes wasn’t yet a well defined concept in the middle ages. I don’t think for example Huns,Tatars or Mongols cared too much about such concepts. Besides, going into a town with a bunch of cav archers and slaughtering all the farmers is much more of a war crime than stealing a boar with a scout, or walling in some gold piles

Besides, your own argument contradicts itself. If I can’t wall in my base, then I’m especially going to lame as much as physically possible, because there is nothing else I can do to delay my opponent.

Just play forest or michi if you don’t want that kind of rush.

An interesting video on the topic. Personally I want every form of laming to remain in the game and not be nerfed because laming is very funny!!!

and yet right now the only aggression you can effectively pull off is man at arms into archers because of walls.

yes lets compare video games to real life.


I recommend checking out some of Viper’s videos on youtube. You’ll see some different types of aggression in the game besides man at arms into archers, both used by and against him.

but only if your opponent doesn’t wall. if you wall everything except man at arms into archers goes out the window.

ok and? Personally i don’t believe in war ‘crime’ ((and international law sucks!!))

We’ll agree to disagree then, because I don’t experience this.

Every kind of laming must be removed from the game.

not to mention - if he doesn’t like war crimes - he literally shouldn’t be playing age of empires to begin with, seeing as part of the game is literally killing VILLAGERS. you know. CIVILIANS.


lol this is your worst comment yet (that is until you reply to this one).

Already possible. Play closed maps or water maps. Laming out of the game that way. For open maps it’s too important part of gameplay.


I love relieving my enemy of their sheep :slight_smile:
and if they garrison in TC then the TC shoots them itself :open_mouth:

If they are fulwalled by the time your scouts arrive, they give up any chance for early agression themselves. get an archer or a tower out and youll be fine as the offensive player.

maybe - but for some civs thats perfectly fine.

yeah but again - that goes back to my earlier point - walling pretty much removes any form of feudal aggression that isn’t man at arms into archers. towers obviously work decently because towers are ranged as well. but scout rushes are falling out of favor as well. which is why i’m fine with walling continuing to be nerfed.