Resources max out at 100,000, but villagers still collecting despite not being added to totals

So I noticed after leaving a game I basically won on while I went AFK, my resources maxed out at 100,000K for food/wood, and would not go any higher despite lots of villagers still cutting down trees and tending farms. I thought maybe it was just a display error and the food/wood total was still rising, so I stopped all the lumberjacks and sold some wood to see, and it immediately down to 99,900.

Why is there a cap on resources? And if there is to be a cap, why are villagers still allowed to cut wood/collect food despite it seemingly going nowhere? Not saying this would be a “critical” issue, since most people will never be in a game with that many resources, but this still is a bug that should be fixed. Even AOE2 lets you collect way past 100,000. I don’t really see what the purpose of this artificial cap is. And at the very least, if there has to be a cap for some weird reason, the villagers collecting wood/tending farms should go idle until the resource totals dip below the cap. It’s buggy to let them keep chopping down trees for no reason.