Respectful appreciation of the developers

I hope this message is not offensive or taken personally. In this publication I dare to speak on behalf of the community based on data, statistics and common themes compiled from videos, forums and social networks but without ignoring that even so there are people who think completely different. However, I must also mention that this is a majority of the community that actively plays AoE and that we not only criticize but constantly contribute ideas and solutions that can benefit the game in one way or another.

There are mixed feelings, we all have different opinions, but what we all have in common is that we all want the success of the game and the long awaited rebirth of the franchise.

For this reason we have exposed the issues that definitely concern us all, we consider the game fun and well done, but there are small details that are being overlooked and I think (correct me if I’m wrong) that we think are very important because of how basic they are and have not changed yet.

Here in this image from Aussie_Drongo there is a summary, but looking at the amount of issues and their interactions, there are 3 major problems that I really don’t understand how they have not been fixed, nor why you as developers don’t explain the reasons why they have not been changed despite the great discomfort:

1-UI: we understand that it is part of the game design but as a community (again, based on stats and comments in different social networks and groups) we strongly disagree with the current UI of the game. It was acceptable for a beta, but for the final game it does not represent a quality aspect that justifies its implementation. It looks flat, boring and extremely basic. It is confusing and the technologies and icons are even more confusing, it is not intuitive.

2-siege machines without operators: for many it is not so important, but for others it represents exactly what we feel about the game as a whole. I make this analogy: imagine a fun game with extraordinary graphics and artistic design, but that lacks such basic things that even in games of 15 years ago were implemented and today we don’t have them (aussie’s image sums it up and to that we have to add the taunts, the cheats, the little bell of the urban center, scene editor and I can even mention many more). So when we see siege machines with no operators I can only see all the above mentioned impregnated in a unit…

3-Zoom: I understand that the developers wanted to give us to understand that they listened to us and they spoke publicly about it, but why ignore the other mentioned problems? of all the problems they decided to choose one and make us think that they really listened to us? and even if they fixed it a little bit, it is really so complicated to give the option of ‘‘a beyond’’?

And what about the bugs?

With each new transmission we can notice more visual bugs, do you check the content you upload? or do you don’t care if the community witnesses those bugs? it really worries me the concept you have of us when you upload new material.

And what about the innovation aspects?

From the creators of COH it would be expected that you to implement so many good ideas already seen in COH or at least the ideas exposed again and again in this forum that would help to innovate a little bit more in the game, because after all you sold the idea that ´´we are listeners´´… then we expected new experiences, or factors that would surprise us and make us believe that we are playing a new game.

And what about the marketing?

They create and publish the definitive versions to create great expectations, but the new game brings nothing new and there are many who agree that the DE ones are even better (considering that they do have essential basics). And again what about the videos and content they upload that are full of bugs and even unfinished versions of the game?

Lastly, I understand that they wanted to innovate and make the game feel different and modern with the ghosts and the golden lines, but with all due respect and I’m sorry to say it but it has been nothing but a design mistake, or at least they have not been well implemented. The ghosts far from looking like they do something that adds life to the game, rather look like a graphical error, they are so fast and with strange animations (it seems as if they had been made in haste) that we do not really know what they do or why they are there and with all due respect that is annoying, and does not add absolutely anything to the game. But we have already exposed it and they could have perfectly well asked or offered alternatives instead of insisting with this design idea.

But this and all the above mentioned, we have been highlighting for more than a year… And every time we see a new transmission it is impossible not to feel disappointed and ignored.

And again, I emphasize that it is not my opinion, it is the feeling of a community, both in forums, videos and social networks.

When are they going to make a statement and give an explanation why they ignored all these elements?

It is impossible not to love this game, but their performance as developers leaves nothing but a very big dissatisfaction (without ignoring what I emphasize again, the fun gameplay and the design both artistic and sound so magnificent).

I still wish the success of this game, but if it doesn’t reach it, we all know very well that we made the call a long time in advance and we did our best to contribute and help to the improvement of the game, we took our busy time to add images, videos and other files in order to give valid arguments that contribute to its improvement and the implementation of changes that will result in a great benefit for the game, and we made mentions of the previous games to help you understand that there are indispensable things of the AOE saga that today you are ignoring in a very unfortunate way.

My most sincere appreciation for all of us who contribute in this forum, and I hope that someday we will have an answer from the developers.

I just hope that October 28th is not scarier than October 31st… greetings to all!


That sum up apart of every thing, if it is the least. XD

The only solution i see:

  • The developper is to cash up aoe 4 whit basic resourcess and start aoe5.

Not sure it is going to hapen, maybe they will cash up the money and let aoe series die for good.

All the bad review and complain is enouf to make people depress.


well in the worst case scenario they will just stop supporting the game just as DoW 3. In the best case scenario they will make AoM 2 before jumping to AoE 5. Just my opinion and prediction. But I dont think the community would be ready for AoE 5 after all this situation regarding AoE 4.


You are rigth.

It would be safe to do age of mythologie 2.

But even if the community is not ready for age of empire 5, the developper should start working on age of empire 5 at the same time of age of mythologie 2.

Every thing is fresh in people mind and it is the rigth time to place the game base.

The age of empire 4 flag ship hit a iceberg, and now age of empire 2 and 3 are on the way to save age of empire 4.

Age of empire 1 stay in the corner, it is a our legacy.

It’s called a soft launch, they are going to soft launch it.
If only they knew that was tried in the past with an AoE title…

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What is safe is to release a sh*t ton a new CIVs as 10$ DLCs each … or more.

And that’s exactly what they’re going to do. Way less investment / work, way more return / cash.

Doesn’t “soft launch” indicate that they have plan to fix / finish the game after release? Because I’m not convinced that the plan, or at least not for a majority of the stuff the community has been complaining about. Most of that stuff is here to stay.

Like the graphics (not the artstyle but stuff like unit clipping through terrain , missing frame, etc.) are here to stay. But yeah, if we’re lucky we may get better keybind options at some point.


Yes, it means they might patch all these basic and important functions over time, but you don’t get to soft launch a title from a brand like AoE, it doesn’t work. Once you launch it in a rudimentary state, word spreads out like wildfire and the damage is irrevocable.


No communication, no roadmap, no early access or reduction in price… not really that soft of a launch for our trust and wallet.


I guess no one is trying to be disrespectful to any certain programmer, blaming him or her writing bugs. We don’t know him or her any way.

We are unsatisfied with the one making all these bad decisions! He or she may consider business over the game and orders programmers to implement all these things we are not happy with.

Basically, if there is a fly in your soup, you complain the restaurant but you are not personal insulting the waiters or cooks. You are blaming the owner who doesn’t create a fly-free environment.


When people say “devs” they are referring to whoever is in charge of making certain decisions of the game.
Tbh the actual “devs” are more aware of the minor problems than us who have to dig every video frame by frame to find out what has been improved and what has not. But for such a big project like this it’s not up to one or two developer to decide what to change and when to change.
But “devs” are all we know and can interact with, and it would be too inconvenient to use “developers and/or publishers and/or product managers and/or good old William G*tes” every time one wants to raise a suggestion.
Accusing people for “personally attacking the actual dev team members” is avoiding the problem.


I won’t tell how many times I got accused in this forum, I honestly don’t know why people keep defending these problems and keep saying the game is perfect. I respect those opinions but come on we want good arguments against the implementation of those known fixes, not a dramatic response to avoid the problem.


Siege weapon operators are way, way less relevant than UI or zoom concerns (even if you want operators, most people actually don’t care about them). They are not a functional change and don’t affect playability at all.

Personally I actually like the UI just fine, but there needs to be resizing options especially for the mini map. Also, tooltips and tech trees are missing way too much relevant information. I also expect UI icons to be one of the easiest and first things to be modded once mods are available, for the people who don’t like them. Oh and the Chinese dynasty button has to move of course.

Zoom I think is ok now after they added 20% to the screen, but personally I’d like the ability to have another 10-20%.

Bugs are of course being worked on constantly. I see no point complaining about those not being fixed (reporting them yeah sure of course) before we have even seen the final build.

I am far more concerned about the input delay that was present in the betas than any of this since I have never even seen that acknowledged.


The input delay was somewhat acknowledged in the surveys sent after the closed beta and stress test (I really hope you filled them out). There were 2 or 3 very specific questions about that issue and the very fact that the questions were there evidences that it’s something that concerns devs.

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I don’t think that giving feedback is the same as ‘disrespecting’ the developers.

There are people here on this forum who actually spend quite some of their free time typing extensive posts putting forward certain issues. These people, I think, want the best for the game, because they like the game a lot.

The ones who are complaining the most, care the most.


Actually yeah that’s true, good point. I just really hope that is fixed because it actually greatly affected gameplay.

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Not really my appreciation, as I said its very important for many people considering that there are many posts on this forum, videos coments on videos and social media asking for them. That is not my personal taste, I am talking based on stadistics.

Again, I respect your opinion but there so many complaints about it … again youc an easily find people complaining in videos, social media, forums, etc

the game has been developed for 4 years, we still see bugs 5 days before release, is that okay for you?

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Haha, they have been doing that for every aoe game since 2010 - Did you see the launch of aoe2 DE or aoe2 HD?

This is the new standard in the whole game development industry, but can you really blame them when people are naive enough to buy it anyway?

People that buy unfinished bug-riddled games are the reason they are trash and barely playable on release


AOE3DE was badly hurt by their “soft launch”. AOE3DE could’ve been legendary with a huge playerbase deserving of its amazing gameplay, but nothing comes back from a bad initial release. I hope Relic knows what they’re doing.


That’s the funny thing around here. Some of the most fervent critics around here (hi!) have even pre-ordered the game and want it to be the best AoE ever released. But there are a group of blind fans that are defending the mediocrity and incompleteness and attacking the critics in hopes of what? I really don’t get it.


I’m on the old school side here, my favorite age is the first game and then AoM. For me, the medieval epoch is part of the problem, it just seemed to me, while playing the open beta, the game is too familiar to age of empires 2.

New mechanics such as the new walls are awesome but few.

They not only went for a cartoonish style to appease younger audiences but also did not go far beyond the same complexity we’re already used to. This makes age of empires 3 just a lot richer in contrast.