Response from Eric Wrobel and Zak Robinson about Update 8324

Efficient production reducing research time is not expected behaviour, it’s a bug which will be fixed “soon”

Do you have a source for that or is that speculation? Because they’ve made no mention of that being a bug in any of their streams or Patch/Update notes, no mention in the bug forums and it’s not listed as a “Known Issue”.

It’s in the description for efficient production in the tech tree and in game. It says

“Allow Scholars to garrison in military buildings, boosting production speed by +100%.”

So yeah it’s not meant to reduce the research times of unit upgrades in military production buildings

So, speculation, got it. It could just as easily be an inaccurate tooltip, because there are plenty of those around.

the word “efficient production” don’t have anything to do with research time. Before the patch a scholar garrisoned inside a military production building would not reduce research time. This has started happening only ofter the last patch.

The tooltip for Supervise on an Imperial Official says that they “make buildings produce 200% faster” and they effect technology. Is that a bug, as well?

I have no idea, maybe someone who mains China can tell us what it used to do before the patch.

Point is, is that you cannot, factually, say that it is a bug anymore than I can, factually, say that it is just an inaccurate or unclear tooltip. Until there is official confirmation, then it is all speculation.

How it worked before the patch also doesn’t make it any more or less confirmed. Town Centers did not allow you to manually target before the patch, either. There was no mention in the patch notes or any other official source of it being changed, but that was confirmed in a stream as being an intentional change. Like I said, we cannot reliably or verifiably say one way or another. Speculation.

EDIT: And, actually…here is a post from November 1st, as well as a game guide from October 27th, that also state that it did affect technology research time, long before the patch. So, I don’t think the claim that it didn’t work this way before the patch is entirely accurate.

I’m 99% sure efficient production boosted tech speed before the patch.

I thought so, too, but my memory isn’t the greatest, so I though I was misremembering.

Tested this and it’s true.

Doesn’t work for any buildings other than the military production buildings, though.

This is actually pretty nice and makes efficient production really powerful.

Thanks for pointing this out!

It’s always worked this way. But we will see what will happen in the spring update, I assume the mongol,rus,chinese meta will end. Until that Delhi won’t be played a lot. I am sad because that civ is my second fav, but I skip it until spring.

Actually, unfortunately, I have worked in customer service. I don’t see what that has to do with my comment though.

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You were extremely lucky then because you run into tons of Karen’s in customer service

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I ran into plenty of complete morons in customer service. That does not change the fact that the “karen” meme is stupid.

but it’s ok for the rus to get a FAR BETTER version of this since there is REALY NO COUNTER to this ? Dark Age Sanctity cost you 100W 150G and the time to research the infamous tech to slowly walk to the middle of the map to get 150G back + 50G in bonus 1 minute later and all that. Would take around 7 minute to do. Any civ can get them by then with a fast feudal → early aggresion and either attack Delhi’s not defended wood/food line (unlike rus) or attack a not well defended sacred site. Remember that Delhi’s military production would be worst than chinese, with a generic eco and generic military. So not THAT good for a strategy. Those excuses of them about that tech are bullsh*t.