Restrict smurf account in team rankings

Good evening, I wanted to raise the issue of permabaneo for users with smurf accounts, or at least the prohibition of premades with low elos and even more if they have few games.
The smurfing is ruining the team rankeds, because an 1800 elo makes premade with a smurf in a 1300 account and when winning 1 game wins over 10 points and the opposing team gets 20 points or more.
It seems to me a bad practice that should be controlled.

I wonder if a smurf account can be detected and then always be paired with Conqueror 3 or other smurf players. Things like apm and score could be used to detect smurfs. It could take a game or 2 before enough data is collected to mark them as a smurf.

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This 1900 elo + 1300 smurf and 1400

Again but with other players look elo

Cleary smurf

I only ask that they limit the capacity of premades, I don’t think it’s right that a 2000 elo plays with a 1300 elo smurf and gets 20 elo for free.
limit at most 100 or 200 up and down and the issue of loss of elo that is for the highest rank and not for the lowest.

Age of empires 3 is a beutifull game but smurfs ruin this game.

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