Results - New Age!

It was important for me to also hear the opinions of others in order to formulate my final opinion, which is mostly made up of my experience and also by looking at others.

What the majority seems to want are artistic and historical innovation, something like “Montezuma” that came out in “The Conquerors”.
New civilizations, new worlds, new environments and new stories.

Campaigns are invested in sound and visuals, which center on the hero of a mysterious nation.
And there is a lot more history to tell!

I really hope that our expectations will be fulfilled and the game will become a game that consists of all the angles we wished for - art, history, campaigns, design and experience.


It can be me, but i dont really understand your suggestion…

Focusing on new civilizations and history based campaigns in each new expansion

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I don’t really understand what you’re referring to as “new age”. This is exactly how every DLC except V&V, RoR were made. New civs, new units, sometimes new buildings, new campaigns, some interesting gameplay in those campaigns.

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Adding cosmetic enhancements to future “classic” (civs + campaigns on a focused area) expansions, such as regional unit skins, would be nice to spice it up.

East Asian unit models for the likely Jurchens + Tibetans + Chinese campaign future expansion, for example, for civs using the East Asian trade cart model.