Retold Editor and patch 2.8

Does anyone have a line of communication open with the devs to make sure some of the great work that has been done in aom vanilla editor from the likes of Nottud and Yeebagoon is ported into the aoe 3 de engine they are using for retold? There is a lot of functionality that should be retained to have a robust map making community.

Also making sure patch 2.7 and 2.8 triggers get ported over.

I hope the functionality added in AoE3DE is also in the Retold Editor.
I want to be able to use things like Army move in multiplayer without creating a desync.

I will do what I can to ensure that sort of stuff makes it in.

I hope they don’t break anything.

It isn’t ‘aoe3de engine’ , it is more like ‘Bang’ engine, made for AOM → AOE3 → with upgrades for AOE3 DE . - But if they are creating AOM Retold based off Aoe3 DE, many of the features of the original AOM won’t be available (because the original AOM → AOE3 made many of the scenario things bugged/removed).

I’m conflicted on this matter because historically it seems that AOE 3 and aom editor at least with ensemble didn’t always give the love and support it needs. AOE 3 de editor is an all around mess. However, given that even if aom retold uses AOE 3 de engine they will have to port other stuff over or recreate it because there are functions like God powers that will need to be implemented into the game. So I do think it’s possible that certain triggers and commands will still be in the game. Additionally, AOE 3 never implemented scaling like aom titans and I hope the ability to resize buildings stays with aom retold.