Retrospective campaign changes

Hey! Because we had some new content (USA and Mexico), some changes could be added to campaigns like AoE II for more immersion and diversity:

Act I Fire:

  • Change Skirmishers for Sharpshooters

Act III Steel:

  • Change Musketeers/Redcoats for Regulars
  • Change Skirmishers for Sharpshooters
  • Change Spain to Mexico (Second scenario)

Act II Shadow:

  • Change Revolutionaries cards for State Militia
  • Change Spain to Mexico (Third scenario)
  • Change Musketeers for Regulars
  • Change Skirmishers for Sharpshooters
  • Change Dragoons for Carbine Cavalry

That’s what I can remember.


Yeah for sure. Especially when it comes to adding the Mexicans in the Mexican-American War scenario. One needs to be careful though when adjusting the hodge podge “United States” civ of the campaigns. The missions were designed and balanced with the campaign civs in mind.


That’s fine with me…although in the second scenario of Act III: Steel, that Mexicans are Spanish is not historically incorrect, since the campaign is set in 1817, when Mexico was still the viceroyalty of New Spain fighting for its independence…already in act II: Shadow yes they had to change them to Mexican mercenaries like the desperado, considering that it would already be the wild west of 1876, even mentioning that Porfirio Díaz came to power that same year…

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I don’t think that this changes would break much of the scenarios.

Altough Mexico maybe didn’t existed on the III vanilla act, maybe it’s okey to change them because Mexico culture and society was well established.

(Maybe under the name of Viceroyalty of Spain or sometging like that)


Or Mexican revolutionaries maybe?..

that would be awesome

it would bump up the enjoyement of playing the campaigns and i don’t think it would take much work to implement

Vanilla AoE3

Act I Blood

Change Malta to include Maltese units instead of Spanish ones.
Change the voice lines to the new Maltese ones.

Maybe: Use Aztec and Inca units from the playable Civilisations.

Act II Ice

Use Haudenosanee and Lakota units from the playable civilisations.

Act III Fire

Change the trainable units the the USA ones.
Regulars and Carbine Cavalry at last.
Skirmishers don’t have a direct replacement. State Milita would be wrong.

Change the Mexicans to the Mexicans.
Change the Inca to the playable Inca.


Act I Fire

Maybe replace Musketeers with Regulars.

British need Rangers.

Act II Steel

Maybe US units for the player like Carbine Cavalry or Sharpshooters.
Regulars and State Milita make little sense.

US units for US enemies.


Act I Japan

I think that’s fine. It’s only Japanese on either side anyway.

Act II China

Replace Aztecs by the playable civilisation Aztecs.
That was done back then because TAD owners didn’t need TWC do they didn’t have the Aztec units. Not a problem in the Definitive Edition.

This campaign is super stupid though because you are Qing China 2 centuries to early but that’s impossible to fix because there is no Ming in the game. Yet.

Act III India

Add the Rangers for the British.

Did I miss anything?

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It is unlikely that they will do it because it requires a lot of work on top, in addition the civs of the campaign are precisely customized civs made for those campaigns in specific…if you change them they would lose the sense of those customized homecities…and the Aztecs in the Chinese campaign is because the Aztecs did not have a campaign in the warchiefs, so they put them as antagonists on duty…

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Yeah they would have to change the home city cards too of course.
It wouldn’t be that much work though I think.
They usually copies existing cards anyway. Just copy cards from the new civs.

They also should rework the mercenaries. I have seen the AI build mercenaries from India in the vanilla campaign.

Personally, I wouldn’t like to change the playable civilizations of campaigns a lot.
I mostly play these campaigns for nostalgia. It’ll bother me if the playable civs change too drastically.

However, a few small additions of units or cards can be refreshing (the simple addition of sentinels for the Knights of Saint John will satisfy me, no more).

For the change of enemies it’s less of a problem. It didn’t bother me too much in the new Chayton Black campaign. Replacing Spanish with Mexicans makes sense in the Steel campaign.

Act I Blood:

  • Replace the Spanish Rodeleros with Maltese Hospitallers.
  • Replace the British church with the Spanish/Maltese church.

Act II Ice:

  • I’d give John Black’s Mercenaries some of the new mercenary mechanics from Sweden, specifically their Age Up and Card merc unlocks for Barracks and Stables. As it stands John Black’s Mercenaries can’t even train mercenaries, since Saloons were added in The Warchiefs.

Act III Steel:

  • Replace the hero card for Major Cooper with a Ká:nien card after Cooper dies.

Act II China

  • Fix the Chinese Mercenaries embassy to train proper Blink Monks instead of the Treasure Guardian variant.

Act III India

  • Fix the Russian Embassy to allow for the training of Indian units at the Blockhouse, not just the Fort.
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But the Maltese Hospitallers would not be much like the Boneguard Swordsman of the Osseus circle?..what I would do would be to change the barracks and the hospital card for the Maltese hospitals (which are barracks and hospitals at the same time), allow John Black to create mercenaries, give more native units to Nathaniel and Chayton…and the rest do as you say…

While there would indeed need to be some rebalancing we aren’t talking about pvp so it should be somewhat easier to balance in the camapaign. I was actually surprised we haven’t seen the relatively small changes already since the content is there, just need some rebalancing. It’s still jarring to see Spanish rodeleros being used by the Maltese and British redcoats being used by the United States………

It is that they are customized civs for that…you would have to remake the whole original campaign to make them work with the new civs…