Return of Rome Achievements


i see there are also 4 hidden schievement

No achievments for Romans civ in AoE2?

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There’s the win as Romans, but nothing else by the looks of it.


The first “Roman victory” seems to be about them, but yeah, nothing about their mechanics or UU/RU…

I like the one on “God of War” (it’s a good reference to Kratos)…the one on “The best defense” (it’s a good attack xd) and the one on winning “Legates and Legions” in less than 10 minutes (will it be that easy?)…

No, they are the Romans from AoE 1 (we don’t know the hidden achievements, although maybe they are about campaigns)…


There are two Roman achievements. The one between Phoenicians and Changs is about AoE1, the one before Assyrians seems to be about AoE2.

No, there’s two Roman victory ones. The RoR one says “Win as the Romans in Return of Rome”. The AoE2 DE one is just “Win as the Romans”.


They are from AoE 1…


The AoE 2 icon is as below:


AoE2’s victory achievements don’t necessarily use the civ’s icon, and it may be a simple mistake. Do you really think the devs would do two different achievements for winning with the same civ, in the same game and with the same conditions?

Well we’ll see… maybe they got confused…

there is roman victory and pompeii roman victory, the first one is aoe2 and the pompeii roman victory is aoe1


There are missing achivements for Egyptian, Greek and Persian victories. That leaves only one unknown achievement.

The “I Wonder Why I Did That?” achievement is bugged. The description says you have to win a game with a Wonder victory, but you just have to build a Wonder and it unlocks immediately.

The “Ride for ruins!” achievement is to kill 15 units in tool age using scouts.