Return of Rome AoE1 Campaign progression bug

It seems that Return of Rome AoE1 campaign progression is still broken. If you quit the game everything you did is again undone. I was able to keep mu progression only if I used PUP version of game. So it seems like using PUP version of game screws up all your AoE1 campaign progressions. Only way for me to finish entire campaign is if I make save games just before end and reload them so I can continue next level if I quit game to make pause.

Tested both Egyptian and Greek campaign and result is same after I quit the game and relaunch it, progression is undone and you can’t choose next level unless I make Greek campaign first level again.

can’t confirm that. Played the greek campaign yesterday night and everything works fine for me.

Have you used PUP version of game when they first introduced those AoE1 campaigns and tried any of them then?

First picture shows that I finished my first lvl in Greek campaign

Second picture is done after I quit the game and relaunched it. As you see everything is undone again and even difficulty gets switched back to hard from moderate. I used hard in PUP version for one Egyptian campaign level.

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Well it seems when I played Carthage lvl 2 mission and quit the game and relaunched it, it actually kept that campaign progression and I was able to pick lvl 3 mission.

Yesterday I won two mission from new DLC campaing (Toros). Now it is gone


This happens for me too with Mountain Royals campaigns, when i close and restart my game the progression is empty so i have to use the cheat “i r winner” for the scenario i want playing

I have this bug too.I have finished the campaign and when i restart the game.Everything back to the beginning… I have this bug from Return of Rome to new. it’s so terrible because i want to complete all achievements in steam.

My only suggestion to make completing things easier is to make save game just before ending your mission, so if you want to continue you cad reload game and finished it and continue with next mission.

Apparently there were some server issues yesterday and many players were having these kind of issues. This should be fixed by now. Let me know if you still have this issue. Sorry for the inconveniences.

Greek campaign is still bugged, but Egyptian one kept progress when quitting game. Or I have to make new game because I used save game for Greek but egyptian I did just from start of mission.

You’ll have to start again from first scenario. To make sure, you could start first scenario, use ‘I r winner’ cheat, then close the game and check if the second scenario still unlocked, it should.

Tested, it didn’t work. I suspect there has to be some sort game doesn’t save or registrite data and I believe using PUP could have caused that conflict/issue.

It seems like file called PupPlayer.nfp is causing that problem just adding random letter to it fixed that problem for my RoR Greek campaign. After I finished and quit the game and reopen it, mission stayed done and next mission was available.

Thanks for the info, I informed the team about it :slight_smile:

It happens also for all new campaign of Mountain Royal, once you quit the game, progression is reset

Try deleting this file(backup it first) PupPlayer.nfp, you can find it here: C:\Users\USER\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE\ID\profile