Return of Rome beta

Hello, I heard that there is beta for the new DLC. I am an age insider btut I haven’t yet received a test code. If there is in fact such a beta what can I do to access it?


Such beta, as far I know, ended long time ago.

You need to be an insider to get invited to betas programs, but being an insider is not a guarantee you are going to be chosen. Btw, I think you should ask that in the Insiders forum, not here

I got the response from staff, only some people from Insiders were chosen for the beta.

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That’s my thought. And I have right to express my thoughts.

trying to make others stand out as “entitled” or “the enemy” is not acceptable. you have no idea if whoever is in the beta or not and involving them in unrelated drama is not okay.

I like how only people with shield are bothered.

Can’t actually disagree with you more on this. Do you think they are making a killing on these remasters, especially on AOE 1, which has like 600 players base? All this work is for the legacy of these games and the community, out of love for the game and history and you can see it in AOE 2 DE, the game is greatly improved it’s beautiful. It is not out of greed.
Now compare Ensemble/Forgotten empires or whoever the dev is to the abominations that Rockstar and Blizzard have become. Rockstar have the biggest selling game in history and half of it is incomplete, while the other half is broken.
We have the appreciate the work these people put in. And I’m sure AOE 1 remaster will be great, they want to complete the work that they left unfinished, which is great considering how modern games operate - only focusing on the $$$.

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