Return of Rome HUGE disappointment!

First of all — Romans in Aoe2, are you serious?
It’s the most stupid decision based only on DLC sales expectations. We need to add some stuff to Aoe2 for good sales, let’s add Romans!

We already have Byzantines and Italians!
This is the only civilization that needs to have the option to turn off for people who know history.

Maybe also add Maltese from Aoe3? To make this game a complete history mess!

The second point is connected only with my expectations. I thought that they gonna make a good alternative Aoe2 with ancient history, but they convert Aoe1 with all these ugly-looking units (look at these elephants :man_facepalming:t2:), no unique units for civs, and strange buildings scaling.

Maybe Aoe1 fans will play this, but I’m not interested in this. It was better to make Aoe 1,5 with Rome at war devs, that would attract a lot of Aoe2 fans that want some ancient history with Aoe2 style and engine.

Btw I pre-ordered the DLC just to support the game, but it seems that it goes in the wrong direction. No regional skins that are so desired by many campaigns fans and casual players. So many cool medieval civs that they could add and they are adding Romans, what a shame.


Not going to get this one until it’s on a steep sale.


I hope the next DLC is a return to form and adds Caucasus civs with a new architecture set.


I would be much happier if there were no Romans for Aoe2 in this DLC, that’s a ridiculous mistake! Someone call Bill Gates and tell him that they are ruined the history in Aoe2!

It’s okay to buy this DLC and to support devs. But Romans is so stupid. It would be okay if they will remain as campaign-only civ but on the main list.


It’s probably not going to add a new set going by their track record. If it’s going to be a Caucasian one, they’re probably going to use either the Eastern European, Mediterranean or the Middle Eastern set.

Hoping for some love for Africa , the Americas and Oceania.


Hahahahahahaha so salty


I hope not! Caucasus architecture is completely different from any of the things you mentioned. We haven’t had any new sets since 2017. It’s time for them to stop being lazy and add more sets.

I want Oceania too, but campaigns would be an issue.


I not hyped by this DLC neither… I surely will not buy it soon, It is Microsoft, they don’t need our support. Really feels like a DLC for another game’s players base…


Really hope so! But to see Romans on the selection screen would be so painful.

Besides Caucasus, there are also Jurchens, Khitans, and Tanguts!


You should go back in time to 1999 and tell the original devs not to add the Goths or Huns, as they “ruined the history.”

Face it: the Romans fit in AoE2 because there are campaigns and civs that take place before they fell.


Well I think it’s a great dlc. Yes, Romans are a bit anachronistic but honestly still cool. Not any worse than huns vs. Portuguese gunpowder.

Guys rly why so salty


It was always meant as a AoE1 port into AoE2 so the devs just have to update only one game instead of two and giving AoE1 instantly all QoL updates of AoE2. I have never read they want to redo all skins.


I dont get why you all rage so much, They clearly stated, that the DLC is simply porting Aoe1 into AOE2
The addition of Romans to aoe2, welp.
I just enjoy the support for aoe1.

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Well, he talks about the Romans civilization which will be added to AoE2, not about the 17 AoE1 civs.

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Miss read :smiley: Got it now :smiley:
I´ll go sleep sry c:

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Wow, that would be perfect! Add Templars, Hospitallers, and the Teutonic Order! YAY


Haha, fair point! Goths and Huns are for such a long time in the game that they are not confusing so much.

Sure! I wrote that was my wrong expectations. As an Aoe2 player I would love to play with an ancient history setting, but with Aoe2 style like Rome at war mod devs are doing. But I’m not a fan of mods, DLC about late antique from Rome at war devs would be cool!


From May 16 you could play Maya vs Romans in Aoe2, haha!

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Actually, that’s the very reason of the disappointment with the DLC. But maybe I have misunderstood things. Can you confirm that the Romans added to AoE II will be playable only on the appropriate campaigns and not, say, in Ranked?


I understand people saying this about Huns, but for Goths??

Have you ever heard about the Visigoths and Ostrogoths? The goths existed well into the 8th century.

And regarding the Huns, depending on who you ask, you can claim that they also existed untill around the 7th century. Besides that weren’t the Huns a dlc civilization? With which I mean not 1999. If you look at the interview with Sandy Petersen he argues for their addition as they didnt want a renaissance focused dlc, take it as you want.