Returning Campaigns for RoR

Does anyone know when the next batch of campaigns (GoG and VoB) are scheduled to be released? Also, are more coming on the way and will they be versions from vanilla AoE I or the updated (and better) ones from AoE DE?


I don’t think there was any date revealed, but I think it will be after the release of the Mountain Royals. I don’t know about additional campaigns being added, but the fact that the campaign selection map only cover the Mediterranean suggests “Yamato, Empire of the Rising Sun” isn’t planned, no idea regarding the rest. And considering the first two campaigns were from the CD version, I think the DE ones won’t make it…

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Yet again, when Dawn of the Dukes was released, the campaign selection map used the European map from the base game before it got changed to Eastern Europe, so Yamato doesn’t completely seem to be out of the rule

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I still don’t understand why they dedided to port the CD ones instead of the DE ones.


The only reason I can think of at the moment is reducing development time.

Return of Rome is an odd duck of an expansion with the potential unrealized.


The other reason I could see is that they thought the only one asking for the port were hardcore nostalgist who would only be satisfied with the CD version.
Which… I can’t speak for anyone as I’m not part of the target audience, but I think it would be a little overexaggeration.


It’s just a matter of time before someone makes an aoe2scenarioparser library that’s compatible with AoE1 DE scenarios. After that, you’d need like 5 minutes to port each and every AoE1 DE scenario to Return of Rome

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That would probably be against the Terms of Service.

This is Age of Empires III DE EULA. I couldn’t find Age I DE EULA.

MAYBE 6.1 could be interpreted as ‘don’t decompile scenarios’ but no one is going after the guy from aoe2scenarioparser for decompiling the scenario format, so maybe that’s allowed.
1 says ‘it’s not cool to distribute copies of the game’

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Sorry for dragging this thread back up but I am really curious as to whether or not the rest of the original and rise of Rome campaigns will be ported over to RoR.


There has not been any kind of announcement, either for ‘yes, in the future’ or ‘no, never’

Apparently they are going to present a new game mode during the event.

It would be nice if it was a mixed mode - civs from RoR being able to play with civs from AoE 2.