Reverse the unit scaling decision

There was a point where the game looked somewhat decent, until the developers decided to consult players that aren’t even in the community anymore. The sad truth is that, chasing the high of competitive players has forsaken the vast majority of people who get into these games; nerds, geeks and fans of history. That doesn’t mean some kid boosted up on redbull fuel thinking they are gonna become the next Beasty, it means people who enjoy the immersiveness of experiencing the cultures and histories through top down, battlefield of armies butting heads against each other.

People who will actually become professionals within this game can be counted with a pair of hands, maybe a tad bit more. They should not dictate the fun and enjoyment of those who have purchased this game, and should instead be the other way around. Of course this boat has sailed long ago, AoE4 is a hollow, generic game with almost no sense of immersiveness at all.

But, there are ways to return to that. Like utilizing the lighting of your engine, creating varied biomes that look pleasing, like the two new ones, making more varied unique units, and adjusting unit scaling or the buildings/walls and keeps.

EDIT: In AoE2, you had to acquire a mod to get smaller trees. This is how it should be, “competitive” players should acquire said mods if they wanted smaller buildings. Make them how they used to be by default.


Thats not the problem. Buildings like urban center, etc seens acceptable. The problem is with some buildings like barraks whose scale was reduced. Only would be neccesary redefine some buildings.

I showed it here:
The BIG problem of the proportions (and the solution) - Age of Empires IV / IV - Discussion - Age of Empires Forum

We’re talking about the same thing then, I didn’t note it above, but yes, production buildings were reduced in size before release because of certain player’s inputs. That needs to be reversed.

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It doesnt must be reversed neccesary, its true that They tooked up too much space, the problem with this is that was done in the last moments of develeopment and having no time, devs only reduced the building without adapt the escale.

The solution is precisely to adapt the escale with the same size, for example:

Visual enhancement of buildings without compromising playability - Age of Empires IV / IV - Discussion - Age of Empires Forum

That is a great point!
Most AOE 2 players are casuals, people who are interested in immersive games.
Then there are competitive players and they need mods to make the game look easier.
AOE2 really did care about the players! AOE4 is not!!!

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