Revolution Deck rework suggestion

So you dont really have any sort of reponse of how this would be op in teams or how rebooming can occuring other than “i beat it once?” aoe3 is complex and many situations can arise. most revolts hit at sub 13 min, have sinstant resrouces boost given via efficent units upgraded to 4, and then cards that are much better value in units than other civs. behind this is often great eco cards already (3-5p/s trickles, super shipments of other civs like chile boat per prior shipment, etc. adn the proposal is hey, if we are bad and loose our mass we should just get all the best eco and upgrade cards! balance!

oh of course, how cant i survive a massive pop rebuild reboom and then stack 4k res and go imperial. what an easy task. thats why we see so much age5 in normal supremacy right? adn im sure its easier to get to age5 assuming your revolting opponent isnt a moron and wastes 2100+ pop of units, cause at 12 minutes you have that much since you can perfectly scout a revolt and not loose eco or mass even tho…oh wait you cant there is no actualy way to scout if there is a revolt, so its a bit of a toss up with at best guessing as opponent if you see them mass or turtle a bit. what smart design. i also have casted several games where the eco of the revolts plus the cost effective units allow people, from 1400+ elo to top 100, to grind it out simply as the decent eco plus uber effective units is better an opponent forced to rebuild and remass over and over and never get a chance to get this supposed advantage of age5 or several eco cards. Again you are forgetting almost every single revolt gets free #### ## better eq in techs. the hussar of death for example are worth instant 2700 in res upgrades for free guard plus imperial attack on a strong unit. guard musks and goons also prevelant. many civs can barely hit age4 by 12 min. also, most civs cant afford to stack eco cards or many upgrade cards in 1 deck. this pisses all over that by not only allowingn you to build a deck thats perfectly fine in normal, but exploit a new deck with 0 actual trade off. currently, again every single revolt has upgrade cards and eco cards already in it balanced around their super units. the entire idea is not to allow the revolter to get access to scaling uinits or eco since thats again, terrible balance. a good revolter can damage opponent and keep the gas going for 10+ minutes. this entire thread i feel is just people who dragbox cannons into oppo culv and skirm and want to keep winning despite the revolts being solid.

its also common for spain to revolt in tournaments, not every game but enough, and last year kotm had constant spain otto and even port revolts. people in general despised that meta. this would help return it by giving someone 1 button better deck, units, and mass. its a bad idea, but i dont expect people who come here to blindly buff mechancis to see the design and trade offs realistically for what it is.

I’m guessing this isnt problem because you havent fought much revolts recently so assume they are up or something

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It is a hypothetical situation. I just don’t want to wall of text on theorycrafting. My opinion is that it won’t break revolutions and will make some more viable for treaty or long game.


Making Revolutions viable in treaty cannot be a thing (except for maybe the US (Bear Flag is not a true revolt) and Mexico). Revolts are cheap, Imp is not. Imperial age must be far and away superior to revolting because of how the revolts currently work.

In a NR40 you rush up to age 5 for the 50% gather rate techs. Revolts sack your eco for a power spike (except South Africa, Canada etc?). You can’t buff revolts to the point where they can complete with Imperial unless you want them to cost roughly 2500f, 2500w, and 2500c at which point it no longer is useful for what it is designed to do.

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