[REVOLUTION GUIDE] The Economic Recovery - Trouble number 1

Sup again guys, let’s cover today the worst part of any revolt, the Economic Recovery. Since we don’t have an option to not sacrifice the settlers over some unit, the only way to get it back, is to make the settlers ALL OVER AGAIN.

I must admit, I hate this part. The units that we got acess in the revolutions are by far a better option than most revolutionaries. to halt the economy so abruptly can be troublesome if the initial push fail, even costing the game. But again, we play with what we have.

So, to start, some data about the cost of villagers, in particular after some revolts.

  • I’m not sure if it’s a bug but Russia always train a group of 3 settlers and after any of their revolts, they change their cost for gold but as you see it’s not an advantage anymore since 3 x 60 = 180 gold. So, now you have only delayed settlers and any other nation can train 2 faster and they’re already collecting and Russia still training them. So, they lost their main advantage at this point.

If needed get back to this image. Not all revolutions shift the resource cost. So let’s go.

I’ll not include here some obvious choices like economic upgrades, or factorys, or even main city resource tickles. Would make the guide unnecessaryly big. I’ll focus in a more “organic” way of doing so, only villagers and alternative gatherers.

Also, in all cases, i’ll assume you already ship the card that allow the villager production at start, and if not, i highly recomend you revolt with 1 shipment ready so when you revolt you send the “Citizen” card ASAP. If their cost is kept in food, I’ll mention, if not, assume that it changes to gold, as listed above.

Last but not least, if you choose to have an economy with herdables (I reccomend with some nations) to gather with an outlaw or even villagers, a more stuitable number of livestock pens is 6.

Starting with:


[Germans to Argentina] - What Germans usually lack in the revolt military units they compensate easily with their economic power to produce them. Even though their max TC possible is 4, they can create their special villager from mills so DO NOT forget that card.
And with great joy here Argentina don’t ship only the Gaúchos that can collect from herdables, but also 10 cows, this gives a little edge on food production. Another impotant point is that you don’t need to ship any card to get acess to it, but I highly reccomend the “LANDGRAB” card, that also affect the construction of “livestock pens”, even with Gaúchos. German Hermanos could be top 3 best recoveries, toe on toe with Mexico… always a joy revolt with them.

[Spanish to Argentina] - The Spanish got the same initial advantage like their German counterpart, but are limited only to the standard settler. You could possibly get two Haciendas, but you don’t want to make villagers from there aside from automatic production, instead, you want to leave some cows, or even sheep… yes… it works… this game don’t stop surprising me, but you can let the herdables in Hacienda to create villagers, 20 sheep gives a 45 second villager, can be even lower with some cows. A good trade at this point since you need desperaly villagers GATHERING resources to stabilize the economy. Argentina is a very friendly Revolution having good options right at the start.


[Portugal to Brazil] - Portugal already got one more TC in age 4. I put all the options available for it, and of course, it’s crazy unecessary. If you got 6 TC you’ll get a good recovery already, making portugal need only 1 more card. Remedies always help. Here, Brazil help a little too, since you got a gold tickle when you re-enable vills… 3.30 gold, is almost an upgraded BANK. Also, Brazil can ship more TC to help settler production. I would argue to ship Jagunços ASAP, and go for heardables. Jagunço got more punch as a unit, and his collection help more in the short run.

I have to concede for Argentina here, sorry fatherland. Having to ship the Jagunço Unit, will delay a good recovery.

[Dutch to Brazil] - The beloved Dutch got a point and lost 2 here. Of couse, their banks makes the economic recovery a JOKE. You don’t even need to let the settlers collect gold even for a short time. You won’t make more than 50 (60, with cards), so remedies for them isn’t soo good, although i would ship the TC for the voluntarios on the long run. Problem is… Brazil main unit the Jagunço, only cost FOOD, soo all this gold advantage, don’t have a great impact later on, at least, you can create some artilery with ease, in this case, again, making Brazil, one of the best revolts for the Dutch.

Cadana and South Africa

[Both] - How lovely of you staying there, collecting… how you always did… Mofos… Canada, only got an attack upgrade, but South Africa… OMG, even for insane levels, this is insane. South Africa shoudn’t get Infinite fort Spam possibility. Canada, at least don’t got a new unit, but SA, can upgrade their HP forever, and all this + Infinite Fort Spam?? Crazy bro…


[Spanish to Chile] - Chile deck is too poor already but i would like to adress “Salitrera” card in this oportunity. If we compare this with “Minas Gerais” from Brazil or with the Indonesia food tickle variant, you can see how little this helps. 0,5 for trading post?? An unupgraded settler collect at same speed. Think about the risk of losing this outposts in late game. I believe this card should mean a little more MAYBE 2 or 3 gold second… Yes, that high or more. Even to compensate how poorly their recovery is since Chile don’t get an outlaw to collect from herdables like almost every other American revolts. This will make their recovery a 4 TC standard + remedies + Haciendas with sheep. A not so bad recovery and will take some time so don’t waste your Hussar of Death, or else you’ll will be in the meaning of their name soon enough.


[Germans to Colombia] - Since the deck barely change here, it’ll became a Dejavu analisys from here, but again, Germans get on top for the ability to train special villagers from mills. Llaneros make the recovery even easier for them, unluckly, only AFTER a card. Still, they takes the first place recovering with colombia.

[Portugal to Colombia] - Colombia, already being one of the best revolutions for Portugal, don’t disapoint in the recover department. Portugal should revolt only after 6 TC built, and this also benefit La Grand Colombia. 6 TC + Llanero… if you don’t win already, recovering here, will be the last nail in the coffin… of your enemies, of course.

[Spanish to Colombia] - Spanish can be in some trouble until ship the Llanero. Would argue to save your army as long as you can here. Since i mentioned the Haciendas Trumph card before, I won’t do it again, but is applicable here too. Spanish will have 4 TC + Remedies + Haciendas. So Llanero, could even be sent FIRST if you have a good food stock to create cows for Hacienda. After shiping it, you’ll be at peace again, but those 2 first cards, can make you sweat a little.


[British to Egypt] - I let all options for the British, but really, you only needs 2. Remedies and the Estates card.Training 20 settlers at ONCE… OMG, that’s THE BEST CARD for economic recovery for this alone. Even taking a little more time to train all, when 20 pop up collecting, you’re basically saved. A shame that only Egypt and USA can use this card. Egypt even goes beyond having 2 shipments that help your economy, but I would say, it’s more a late option, like… it’s more a “booster” than a recovery. 1 being a 10% incrase collection rate to everything. Good. and the other, being a trading post buff that gives free upgrades.

[Otoman to Egypt] - Ottomans don’t got so lucky as the British, but not so bad either. If you ship all cards for recovery, you’ll end up with 6 TC although without remedies since their villagers WERE free, there was no need for it. But with Egypt, you’ll have to pay for them again. Standard 70 gold cost. Extra care if you’re not winning already.

United States

[British to USA] - What I say at the Egypt description also applies here, with the addition, that USA got the powerfull and resoursefull Cowboy. The only drawback is, of course, the need of a shipment card to allow cowboys, but after it, you’ll ride far beyond the piramids. IIRRAAA!! Maybe top 1 Recovery for this.

[Dutch to USA] - USA got a similar recovery to Brazil here, and the same problems. To many gold, for to little use, since their units are similar too. Your free fort at the start, should be carefully placed, to hold your enemy enough time to regrow, and after this… IIIRRRAAAA again. The start of the Revolution is the most critic time with the Dutch (less units), but maybe the easier after it’s recovered.

[Swedes to USA] - Finally i can talk calmly about the swedes. Their torps can be of great use here, and make the economic blow less painfull. Even if their recovery is a standard 4 TC + remedies, the torps gives a little boost. But USA isn’t a good revolt for the Swedes for their lack of good cards for the Cowboy. Still makes a good unit to regrow the economy. Can’t IIIIRRRRRAAAA well like the others.

[French to USA] - French got a bad time with all of it’s recoveries, and USA is no different, maybe even worse than Haiti. When you revolt with the French they lose that amazing villager, and change for a standard one, but with USA they keep the 80 limit… WTF?? Keep the quantity but not the quality?? As if this isn’t bad enough they don’t have access to the “remedies” card. A bad move for USA so French is always FORCED to use the cowboy to collect or else they’re doomed. At least they got better fighting cards to help with this revolt, but is by far one of the worst recoveries possible in the game, maybe the worst.


[French to Haiti] - Since I mentioned them before why not compare right after. At first, Haiti, is no better at recovery than USA, but, Haiti got a trick upon it’s sleeve… Their pirates only cost gold. After the villagers card they could keep sending more tc cards to incrase production and give free pirates. Although no cowboy to IIIRRAA, their economy can be 100% gold based, and still work well with the Pirate. See the Heavy Weights Guide to understand better. Haiti was fixed, and can get 99 standard villagers after revolt.


[Ottomans to Hungary] - If done right Ottomans buys a LOT of time with their Magyar Hussars to make the recovery safer. 6 TC and no remedies is the best they can do, and Hungary don’t changes that. It’s ok, nothing special, neither to time consuming. Since got no greater bonuses must be extra cautious with the army. Avoid Zerging until got the numbers to produce more.

[Germans to Hungary] - Another favorite to recover. And another case where the Germans got more recovery potential than military capacity. Here, you can have your special villager again without any other unit to assist. Not the best revolution for them, got a standard 4TC + remedies and mills, but Hungary don’t give good militaries for germans to capitalize well with it.

[Russia to Hungary] - I ranted at the start of the topic about some cost problems with Russia. Although, if it’s adressed, could be a good recovery for them… training 12 settlers by 12, would recover faster than many in this list but i’m not sure if they have a real advantage when the cost is 180 gold with remedies as they don’t got the base discount here. Also, Russia gives nothing new that helps more than usual. Standard 4 TC + Remedies.


[Spanish to Mexico] - Now some good things here. Mexico is a favorite of mine to revolt. For recovery purposes i think it’s tied with Argentina or even better, since when you revolt, you already got 99 herdable collectors. But diferent from Argentina got no cows. Nothing stops you from making the livestocks BEFORE the revolution. I usually do but it’s not game breaking if you don’t. The spanish got the usual 4 TC + remedies and Haciendas, that I spoke already.
Another point for Mexico, is their cost. Charro / Cuerudo, cost 100 food, and their Heavy Weight cost 90 food. Making a strong and Cheap units, greatly favoring their economy recovery.


[Portugal to Peru] - Portugal can beat Spanish Peru only in the recovery stat since it can have more TC before revolting. After this, Portugal lose in every way. After you ship the Morochucco you can accelerate even more your economic recovery, but will soon realize that your units don’t hold up well for lack of card support. Making an unit that should hold a lot of time, being replaced to quickly, and again, pressuring your economy. Peru is not a good Revolt for portugal, but can recover nicely from it’s revolt.

[Spanish to Peru] - Spanish have all cards needed to make this revolt work, although losing at recovery with it’s portuguese counterpart. This can be diminished greatly when you ship the morochuccos to create cows, that Spanish got at least 1 card to make stronger, and also collect from herdables stabilizing your economy in no time. Again 4 TC + remedies + Haciendas with Cows.

Barbary States

***[Portugal to Barbary States] *** - I’m selling myself to this revolt slowly over time. Barbary States got a simplicity that helps a lot here. the ONLY card they must get, is the villager one… Since everything else is available from start. Portugal should have at least 6 TC before this revolt. It’s an easy one, and since their units are cheaper, it won’t press your economy unless you use them very wrong. THEIR VILLAGERS KEEPING COSTING FOOD after reallowing, and this is an amazing thing, you’ll always got food faster than gold.

[Ottomans to Barbary States] - Ottomans can have 6 TC too, but need 2 cards for it instead of 1 like Portugal. You could make with five, no problem. Here, the food cost after the revolt allow this little gift. To get an edge againt Port variation Ship the card “Advanced fortifications” to get a more powerfull Fort. A very simple revolt and recovery.


[Ottomans to Romania] - Not so simple like the last one. Here, it’s preferable having 6 TC. Villagers here cost gold, and if you focus on a food unit before, can be a little annoying getting them all again. This is a case where you feel don’t having a comanchero collector with you. Still with 6 TC you’ll recover nicely, if you don’t lose your army.

[Russians to Romania] - The same trouble that was with hungary. Romania ends the best Revolution for Russia, but it’s recovery isn’t an example in any way. Standard 4 TC + Remedies, with the cost rant. Should focus in set the economy to spam the Valachian Archer.


[Portugal to Indonesia] - Another revolution where the SETTLER STILL COSTS FOOD AFTER REVOLTING. Somehow Portugal ends up with a good sinergy here too. Again 6 TC should be the good number before revolting, and here Indonesia goes beyond giving a food tickle of 4.65 per second. Cetbang cannon is a wood and gold unit. So, must use some revolutionaries until setting economy right.

[Dutch to Indonesia] - The Dutch, got more from Indonesia units than from it’s economy, although, the food tickle helps here. Their villagers keep costing the normal gold price after the Revolt. Maybe it’s better for them, because of the special units, in particular the Cetbang Cannon. Try to get your villagers to 60 to have a powerfull comeback with this revolt. Again 4 TC + remedies POSSIBLE, but you won’t need it, the banks saves a lot in Dutch revolts.


[Anyone to Finland] - I reffuse to do them separatedly. Finland got a good thing here, and a TERRIBLE one with the revolt. The good is, you don’t “Lose” your villagers exatcly. The TERRIBLE is: YES YOU DO!!! Even after you ship the card that allow Karelian Jaeger to collect he’s not affected by economic upgrades, and CAN’T BUILD ANYTHING ECONOMIC.

  • So, he can collect from Herdables, and this will be your best food source with them. For this, be sure to ship the Card to Allow creation of Cows, with them is important. But be warned, IF YOU LOSE THE LIVESTOCK PENS, It’s over this food source, you can’t buid more OMG!!! It’s so important that they can construct some economic upgrades bro. The Hunting card should be good, but without upgrades you’ll fall behind fast. Herdables can keep you in the game since you don’t depend of any constant shipment (as listed)… always try to let 20 collecting.

  • Wood, is the best with finland. They can potentially have infinite wood, but again, don’t got the upgrades, so, will be 0,5 wood gather forever… OMG!!! OMG!!! %#@$#@$ This could be a game changer for them. But again slow gathering rates will let you down.

  • Gold, is a little better, since you can collect from mines (after the card), and from plantation. But… =)… YOU CAN’T BUILD plantations… OMG… again… OMG!!! Plantations are less stresfull when you need to constant pay attention to the fighting zone, So, having them in a secure place helps, and you don’t needing to constant looking around also help. But if you get those destroyed, it’s over. You can ship some gold, of course… but without any economic buff allowed, in particular the 20% gather + resourses from it. Would be OP? Of course not… card shipments to KEEP the economy it’s an absolute @#@#%.


Finland got so many awesome economic cards, but can’t really enjoy any of it, because Karelian Jaeger reffuse to be a villager, an try to be like what? A Neo Wave Punk? It won’t work that way Charles.
If he got only the base stat for gathering, Finland will always lost in the long run. A normal villager would make Finland even stronger than a lot in this list. This, and sending Karelian to the front lines, to make a real difference.

Economic recovery is boring, really, i would like to get acess of new units only. But, if is to keep them that way, at least let us train villagers 50% faster with the “citizens” card, I doubt it’s that hard for code that part.
“Oh, but that would be too much, OP again”
Of course not… imperial villagers collect even faster. This is not OP against a revolt?

Well, another crazy work guys, not so fancy as the last ones, but this part, is by far the simplest of all… Hope you all enjoyed.


Summary of the entire conversation

Explanation: I don’t like to create such long conversations that’s why I decided to summarize our conversation, I hope you don’t mind :sweat_smile:

As far as I know, the Spanish gold affects the cards after the revolution which makes it easier for you to train villagers.

Argentina can use the cows from its shipments to generate villagers on the haciendas and at the same time fatten them up to get a large amount of food.


Argentina can expand its limit of cows in an unlimited way thanks to the cowboy card.

Initial cows from Spain 20.
Argentine Revolution: +10 to the limit of cows and 10 cows.
Horse Grenadiers card: +10 to the limit of cows and 10 cows.
Cowboy Card (INFINITE): + 8 to the limit of cows and 8 cows 1 settler cart 1 gaucho.

Total cow limit: 48/Infinite.


The most optimal is to use the horse grenadier card to get 10 grenadiers 10 cows and increase the limit of cows by 10

Initial cows from Spain 20.
Argentine Revolution: +10 to the limit of cows and 10 cows.
Horse Grenadiers card: +10 to the limit of cows and 10 cows.

Total cow limit: 40


The revolutions that have the easiest time to recover economically are the English ones, thanks to a card that allows them to create villagers from their homes and a good amount of TC, perhaps Haiti is the only revolution that can overcome them thanks to the fact that they can dedicate themselves to produce only gold and has infinite TCs.

House boom 2.0 (because I’m not surprised) :expressionless:

Mexico is a very good alternative to recover economically, the settlers become charros who can collect from farm animals and all their special units cost food, facilitating economic recovery. :wink:

PS: All Spanish revolutions can use haciendas to bolster their economies, but only Mexico and Argentina get the most out of them.

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Another amazing trumph card. I have to admit, that i play little with the Haciendas, didn’t know the cows boost the creation too, and verify, that sheep can affect, letting villagers be created (with sheeps) in 45 sec, even less with some cows… To… much… power…

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Ty =).

That Hacienda trick, really flips the table. But still think the British manor, is… Inumanor… 20 vills at a time.

If the price is good, i’ll update for sure, or make new exclusive for them.

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Egypt got a star for being the only who get a small eco buff… but their nizam f. will force dividing the economy, and needing more forts will also force more cards.

But the Revolutionary USA? The British variation let the cowboy with… 393 HP if i remember right, and also costing 120 food. Only if we take the gattling gun into account, but i’m sure cowboy alone hold the line in almost all cases. French and the Dutch also let him with 360 HP at same cost. Mexico, it’s like a promotion, Bandido, cost what? 90 Food… It’s an offense to Hajduk.

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UUuhh, i saw it. I believe is the fatten card, not the cow training one, don’t remember exactly which is which.

But trust me, the fatten one isn’t good when you have the Gaúchos to train cows. Try this when you can:
Make the Livestock, and build or the 20 cows, or the 30 sheep. The idea is, collect from one, while the other fatten. You can do this with 20 Gaúchos, and you’ll see, when they finish, the other is practicaly ready. then you create more of the one you just collect. Not sure if haciendas again got a trick, but if it’s for the classic use, i think that card it’s not worth it.

And spanish gold suprises me of it’s simple use. Ship some vills and already gather, it’s a nice help when it needs most. Like the detail.

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Wow, you use the vaqueros card? Never think they could be that usefull, but sometimes i forgot how Mounted Granadier can stand up for Argentina.

I usually go ASAP for infinite Fort Spam.
1 - Villagers card
2 - mounted Gran
3 and beoynd - Forts.

I used that rotation to boost food, without letting gaúchos idle but using with hacienda seems interesting… you ship until you reach 40 cows? Or base the food gathering on it, i mean REALLY INFINITE cows??

Only Haiti have any hope to beat it; :laughing:

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Outside of the earlier conversation. Thank you for dedicating yourself to making a guide to revolutions, few people know them and I would like to think that your guide will help more people use them. :smile:

It is interesting to think what advantages each revolution can have depending on which civilization you are using, I am still shocked with the revelation that Haiti is potentially the best revolution to recover economically. :laughing:

Assuming there are more, I would like to ask you, what is the next guide?

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Ty for reading bro, and i’m glad you liked. Hope people really try to use it more these revolts. I swear they can go toe to toe with ANY imperial.

Now that you mention it, I only make a more unit and now, eco guides… maybe a combo guide and the revolt strenght could be next.

But before this one, i must cover a surprise guide. Can’t spoil it. :smiling_imp:

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