Revolution Reworks

Personally I like the new revolts and how they were changed but ultimately in practice they remain at best an incredibly niche and in some cases annoying asinine strategy that usually has to be nerfed into questionable usefulness (e.g Peru).

Some revolts are basically irrelevant and have little to no flavour and most are just straight up bad but the core reason they are niche is that it requires you to spend 3000 resources to sacrifice your entire economy (with two exceptions) and denying yourself Imperial. In exchange you get a new deck and all villagers become various revolutionaries. It’s very much an all in, at a time in the game where you don’t really want to all in and it’s unsurprising that most revolt strategies are ‘fast’ revolts where you aren’t really losing that much investment and are taking advantage of the unlimited shipments and are trying to win the game on the spot.

The biggest change I’d like to all revolutions is the following things.

  • Villagers don’t become revolutionaries like South Africa and Canada
    Yes that ‘was’ the iconic thing revolts did but lets face it. This basically forces revolts into niche to useless territory.
  • Certain unlimited cards are evaluated such as unlimited forts.
    If revolts are made more ‘viable’, unlimited forts or other strong shipments like unlimited 3 falconets probably need to be revaluated in addition to other things like Spain to Chile or Ottoman to Hungary Hussars.
  • Possibly reenabling Imperial age at a cost (a card in place of the ability to retrain villagers)
    This is the second reason revolts don’t get used. Your opponent knows they only need to hang on and the pressure is on you to win before they reach age 5, even if you recover your economy you can never go age 5 and will always be on the clock to win the game. That’s a massive strategic disadvantage.

There’s a lot of other buffs/tweaks I’d like for various other unique revolts, especially Canada (which is really bad) but that would make this opening post exceptionally long.

If you want you can search for the “revolution extended” mod which replaces revolt cost by 2000 of each resource, but with it being equivalent to going imperial. Settlers don’t become revolutionaries (training still has to be re-enabled through the citizens card). So you get all the imp benefits while still playing a revolt civ.

The decks it results in are hardcoded treaty decks though, so make off that what you want. Only cards which you shouldve sent beforehand are refrigeration, royal mint and the factories as these are not included.

Some balance changes have been done wrt unit costs etc.

There’s some videos on Jaegerchere’s youtube of it. Ofcourse you can only play with other players who installed the mod.


‘Could’ look at that and I will but yeah some more official action would be nice.

I think @Erchere probably has a lot to say on this realm.

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I’m not really sure if they ever do anything similar to my mod. But if they do would be very nice indeed. Anyways I have bigger plans for the Revolution Extended mod and it’s a work in progress. And planning to update it just like patches.


Imo Argentina is the only viable revolt, of which mainly in treaty.

But revolutions were never meant to be good strategies, it is when you either are on a tied position and you could really use the extra units to break trough and win, or when you are really being pushed back, your eco is almost under attack and you would have lost your settlers either way.

Yeah, I think that the revolutions needs to be pulished more. For example, historically during the revolutions, they had spies, something that we dont have in game. Also, would be good to add more unique units of each revolution or at least, different models.

I´m up to this… Specially the villagers…
Turning them into military, ok (although i´m up for your idea to not transform into revolutionary)… but have to ship a CARD to make them again?? No… i would change the villager card to 50% training time and keep some other buff (like indonesian food tickle, or Brazil gold one) AT LEAST, but not blocking them.

I would ask if just get a new line of cards (something similar to USA), could be better, without compromising the main deck (since we can´t see what revolutions provide, only external fonts like

Revolutions made me stop going imperial, and i don´t regret it. Make revolutions great again.

FIX HAITI REVOLUTION - when revolting for haiti (France), you can´t make courier again. So you have to do the normal villager BUT WITH THE 80 VILL LIMIT << WTF?? Why keep the limit, but not the quality? And when shiping the fire mode for the free pirate (forgot the name of the card), made the shot being the main mode, it´s a pain need to switch everytime.

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Actually with the Haitian pirates they can shoot from cover mode which is really strong and probably not intended but I’ve kept this detail (among others) to myself so certain really niche revolts aren’t entirely useless. If they fix that without fixing the 100 population issue, I’m done :smiley:

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i dont think revolutions should be a viable lategame decision, it adds too many variables and balance issues.

That issue is fixed in my Revolution mod. But still not the official patch.

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