Rewind function in Replays

Am I missing something with the replay feature? There doesn’t seem to be a way to go back. You can fast forward, slow down, but you can’t adjust the timeline forward or back. Isn’t the entire point of a replay to be able to look at certain moments? Instead they have the tech level of a VHS tape. If I want to review something that happened 30 minutes into a match the quickest way to do that is to put it on 8x and wait 4 minutes, maybe write a whiney post until it finally gets there. Then if I miss it or want to watch it from a different angle I need to reload the entire replay. What gives?


Sadly there is not.

This is pretty common with “replays” in games that use a lock step engine. The replay is basically the whole series of commands that took place in the game. So when you are watching them the game is actually being ran again. This is why we also can’t jump ahead to a specific point and instead have to fast forward.


Bumping because I personally would like to see this be implemented as soon as possible, because my goodness there’s no shot they don’t have the capability of inventing such technology after we’ve already got the replays we want to watch fully downloaded on our ends. Don’t want to make a comparison, but might needa take a note out of SC2’s notebook on that chapter.