Rework Discussion Thread

I’m surprised I’m not seeing people going wild suggesting things now that we know that the devs are reworking old civs and that they take ideas from the forums sometimes. I already have a thread sort of like this ( New Units As Shipments For Old Civs ) but the devs seem more interested in unique card concepts that open up new strategies more than just more options for more option’s sake. I’d really like to see what ideas everyone has.

I’ll start it off with some Germany cards I daydreamed up earlier. Not meant to be 100% balanced. I’m just wanting to put some ideas out there.

Church technologies are cheaper and priests slowly train for free from the church.

Dueling Scars
Your units give you a small amount of xp when killed.

Peasant’s War
(Arrives fast) Settlers temporarily become revolutionaries for the next 30 seconds and have slightly more hitpoints thereafter.

Ships a Tavern wagon and increases the tavern build limit by one. Taverns now trickle food in addition to coin.

Ships an amount of xp crates depending on how many technologies you have researched this game. (The specifics I’m not sure about but I like the concept)


Hahahaha i’ve JUST posted a long, long topic about my dreamed germany buffs…
Although i work more on existing cards and things that are not that worth it or can be improved, so not adding nothing new, but buffing some things and making it more interesting and fin i think.

But i’m glad to see you also are working and developing ideas and everything, i think we should do this kind of stuff more, and more glad to see you also did it for germany hahaha

I don’t like this kind of meme new cards (talking about the name, the card could be cool)

I couldn’t think of much else. I don’t mind it though. It’s kind of silly and cliche but Mexico has sillier and it works out fine IMO.

If they’re doing a German rework they should just explicitly change them to Austria. It would take less than 1/4 of the changes they’ve done for Spain. That would open up the possibility of an entirely new Prussian civ.

For your suggestions, there are probably better fits.

Reformation - Doesn’t fit the current theme of the Germans. Their church card is the “Peace of Westphalia” which marked the end of the religious wars in Germany and all the upgrades it unlocks represent the Catholic/Hapsburg side of the conflict. It could be something for a Prussian church card but should have a more specific name like “Diet of Worms” or “Schmalkaldic League”.

Dueling Scars - Not sure what this idea is based on

Peasants War - Could be portrayed in some way but losing all your villagers is too costly. Something like “Revolutions of 1848” could be more interesting:

Revolutions of 1848 - Revolutions become cheaper and reversible like Mexico

Oktoberfest - I like this one. Could be an option for an Austria or Prussia.

Enlightenment - Seems more like an Italian thing than a German thing

Im tired of suggesting stuff for Portugal.
They probably wont take anything into account and just add a 3 cow card.


HAHHAHA the 3 cow card, i feel you man, i also just make a long German topic but my dreams are fading away more and more :’(

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lmao, hope they’ll add it in the next patch

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3 cows! Let’s go, want me some cows

I’d just like a new building hp card, 500% extra hp tp tc’s would be nice.

I hope for the portuguese civ:

  • Shipments of cannoneers

  • Card called “Aventureiros” shipment of halberdier + upgrade

  • Shipment of asian/african natives

  • Add new unit “Montantes” (or use doppelsoldners for him) available or in a shipment

  • Shipment of falconets + culverins upgrade

  • Card upgrade ships

  • Card updgrade bows and make available in tc’s

  • A good card for age I

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Why so conservative, a 1000% seems more reasonable, plus self healing of 10%/sec

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Hnmm una carta para holandeses que se llame:

Rutas comerciales de las indias orientales (Edad I) : Aumenta el limite de emisarios de 5 a 10 y estos pueden ser guarecidos en los puestos comerciales tanto nativos como de rutas, pueden disparar desde estos y dar un pequeño goteo de experiencia que se aumenta a medida que se meten mas emisarios en los TP hasta un máximo de 5 (cada emisario produce 0,25 de exp por segundo, tenia pensado que también mandase un carreta para crear un tp pero pensé que seria demasiado)

Rifles de Aguja (Edad IV) Alemanes: Reduce el tiempo de disparo de los guerrilleros alemanes en 1 segundo pasando de 3 a 2, y mejora su daño cuerpo a cuerpo en un 300%

Shipment of cannoners- Yes.
Aventureiros- Change the name for Ordenanca, Halberds+ upgrade.
Shipment of asian/natives and remove barbary pirates and Mameluks.
Montantes- Call them aventureiros
Replace Organ Gun with Falconet
Carrack Upgrade for Caravel/ Replace Caravel with a Carrack, trains Aventureiros and Ordenancas, extra canon damage.
Xbows upgraded to Musketeers


While Spain was depicted in the original AoE III in their high golden era with all the archaic units, seems the problem to Portugal to don’t have that representation of this era with their units? Caçadores, Legionarios (musks) and Dragoons are late.

What about XIX century portugal?

Giving them Falconets might make them a little too strong. I’d give them some kind of swivel gun that’s more in line with the strength of Organ Guns.

Could work. But one shot aoe damage.

yeah me too. To be honest I gues nothing will be changed .

Dont forget the portuguese never took part in the age of sail and Vasco da Gama is a Myth and they ships were trash

To be honest I hate play portugal in age of 3 feels its not portugal. Or just a meme or whatever.

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Though a card, Give someone’s halbs a charged short range attack, rename to pike and shot, new skin