Rework of Belgian Revolution card for the Dutch

I find the addition of the Belgian Revolution card super cool together with the Flemish one and a nice touch by the devs. But the Belgian Revo isn’t good at all and doesnt synergizes with anything for the Dutch as far as i am concerned.

It turns your super buffed Halbs (which would be the thing you’re maxing so you can have the most value off of the revo card and works in tandem with the Flemish one which turns Vills into halbs) into normal revolutionaries, like why would you ever ship that card?

I would like to suggest a rework on the Belgian Revolution card, or even keep the Revolutionaries but just make the buffs carry over (doesn’t seem something very easy to do) to them, a unique name/skin would also be nice.

But if we are feeling generous, i created a concept of a full fledged Belgian Revolution for the Dutch, if you guys have some time would love to have your opinions on it. Thanks.


Brooooo this is lit AF!

Also a card that buffs Factories is original because no civ does that. But if a revolution could its a bonus buff!

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Exactly i think its a concept that would work greatly!

Would suggest adding hefty costs to the cards that send a lot of units. But not too expensive because Revolting kills your economy.

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Thats a nice way to balance them, like you said maybe not something too expensive but definitely a cost to ship them

Very nice concept! Belgian revolution should be more than a HC card.


i workd also like the card (and all those similar cards) to change the flag


Great job Theseus! Making Belgium a revolution is an awesome idea. You proposed a very well rounded revolution. I really liked the Garde Civique and Rijkswacht units.

I would ask Theseus and everybody else here a couple of things:

Would you make the Belgian Revolution also available to the French since France supported the Belgian Independence movement?

And I know this will sound controversial, but Belgium was a colonial power in Africa, so how do you feel about incorporating cards representing the Belgian Congo (or the more infamous Congo Free State)?

Askaris with a new skin could be available as trainable units (or just a shipment) representing the Force Publique.

Another card could ship a wagon that builds one of the Royal Greenhouses at Laeken. This building could be used to generate resources like the Japanese Toshogu shrine.

And finally a card named “Rubber trade” (or something similar) that would allow settlers to generate gold while chopping wood.

These last two cards (Royal Greenhouses and Rubber trade) might be redundant with the Dutch banks and your proposed Cockerill Brothers Support card. But what do you think? (I hope I don’t get attacked here :sweat_smile:)


I respectfully disagree with this one - a whole new building type for a Euro revolution seems not very justified, especially when all Europeans went crazy constructing grand ‘Glasshouses’ especially in the 19th century. Completely new building with new model for a Rev is probably not a good use of resources. As for gameplay it’s effectively another factory.

Might be better as a trickle shipment.


I think Belgian Influence in Africa is a no no for the devs because…well i dont want an entire paragraph censored haha.


I thought so :disappointed: I just wanted to see more African units

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Yeah I was thinking that the Dutch already have a lot of trickle resources. I wanted to include the Royal Greenhouses since King Leopold II of Belgium commissioned the greenhouses and were financed with income from his personal colony in the Congo. But like OrthoSkate01994 said the devs won’t touch the subject :frowning:


Really great ideas. I’d love to play around with this in game.

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Thank you very much and those are cool ideas as well, but like someone said in the comments the Belgian Influence in Africa was a very bad time and i don’t think it should be portrayed in the game.

Also thank you so much for your feedback guys, i really hope the devs implent something akin to this proposal or at the least rework the Belgian Revolution card into something more useful or even flavorful