Rework of the Tupac Revolution, Inca has no good skirmish!

With the recent balance that the huaraca received, it can now fulfill its function as an anti-artillery siege unit, which it fulfills in a good way, but the loss of the huaraca as a super skirmish leaves the Incas without a quality skirmish since the jungle archer it lags far behind in the third and fourth age where it is easily overcome by large masses of heavy infantry, in these cases it would be better to manage to transform the jungle bowman into a better guerrilla like the cards from Germany and Great Britain that combine the skirmish archaic in decent guerrilla.

A solution to this problem would possibly be to rework the “tupac revolution” card where it is unlocked in the third age and costs 500 of each resource, its new main effect would be to transform only the jungle bowman into a unique skirmish unit new one that have a rifle, as Tupac Amaru’s soldiers had it in real life, this would solve the problem of the bad guerrilla that the Incas have and their inefficiency when wanting to kill infantry

this unit would be called “Runa Rifle”
24 attack x3 heavy inf x2 light cavalry

20 range

10 siege

12 melee x3 heavy inf x2 light cavalry

something extra could be that it also enables the training of light cannons


I’d just like to see the stronghold big button enable the training of light cannons in age 4. That solves so many issues for inca.

I’d say the huaraca is a good skirmisher unit, it’s basically an abus gun with a bit worse animation though it has target lock, it’s a bit cheaper but very similar cost, has more range but does less base damage however the huaraca has a multiplier of 1.5 vs all infantry and 2x vs artillery while the abus gun has a 1.75x multi vs heavy infantry and 0.5 vs artillery.


huaraca is a grenadier with more range without splash. Abus gunner is a skirmisher with siege damage.

Well I suppose it counters all infantry and buildings like a grenadier but with better than abus range. I’m not sure how much the extra siege resist they can get with the card helps vs artillery but I think it was too small a buff. Some extra range would have been better or just remove the infantry tag so falconets and such don’t do 3x damage.

Mainly my problem with the Incas is not the ineffectiveness of the huaraca, since now it decently fulfills its anti-artillery and siege role, the problem is that in late game or in games of the third age, Inca is left without any type of good skirmish that manages to kill large masses of infantry in a good way since the jungle archer that with all his improvements is acceptable, nothing compares to other skirmishes of other civs, the huaraca in the past was considered as a super capable skirmish to supplant the jungle bowman in the final ages, but with its recent rebalancing it leaves the inca with no viable options against enemy heavy infantry, such ## ######### sepoys and ashigarus

Huaracas do ok vs skirmishers because they bypass the range resistance, vs heavy infantry I’d go bowmen, if you send the support card for them they do 2.75x vs heavy infantry and with their other upgrade cards I think they do fine. Mass infantry is a bit of an issue because of no artillery but I don’t think it’s as bad as in aztecs case.

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I hope that eventually the developers will make Tupac Amaru’s revolution an advanced revolution, similar to the French, Mayan, Texan and Californian revolution.

Haha as azteca you have the op eagle knight with no negative multi vs inf , with inca at least bolas should have their negative bonus removed

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Yeah they probably should have it removed, bolas are trash atm compared to how they used to be.