Rework siege tower

Siege tower are actually used only for fun or troll the ennemy.
Siege tower are fast and expansive unit. Real siege tower was slow. Why not make them slower and cheaper?
Cheaper for use them more and slower to keep them balance and still use for their purpose.


How about the ability for archers to fire arrows while they are garrisoned? They are the least used siege unit and they are pretty much a meme at this point if anything needs a buff it’s the siege tower.


+ the flaming camel. (another meme unit)

but of-course not as much as the siege tower since it is available to all civs.

the flaming camel was cost effective even before it was buffed, now it’s even more cost effective because they massively buffed the radius.
the unit isn’t seen much because

  1. its imperial age
  2. its locked behind the imperial age UT
  3. its a suicide unit.

seriously the unit has been PROVEN to be cost effective against anything melee cavalry.

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which update? i guess i missed the note

radius from 1.5 to 2.0. also bonus damage vs elephants from 80 to 130.
they almost doubled the damage area (7.0 to 12.7 or something like that).


The flaming camel doesn’t need a buff but they have to make it more effective against units like archers which tend to be massed up. So, give it some pierce armour.

And you guys do know that this topic is on siege towers, right? Because it just turned into a discussion about the flaming camel. Right now the only use of the siege tower is to transport Teutonic Knights.

seiege towers should block arrows


That would be far too overpowered, just give them tons of pierce armour like the Rams.

they already have tons of pierce armour