Rework walls

Please rework walls.

Right now walls are problematic. If you want to build them eficiently you must to use micro.

When you build it, sometimes builders only contruct or towers or wall fragments

Walls should be like in AoE4, all fragments are the same.


they only do that, if you task multiple villagers with Shift click onto a wall



But walls still needing a rework

There could be all sorts of changes to walls:

  • Different Types costing just wood and nice ones costing wood and gold
  • Add a small wall tower that could get placed on a pillar
  • Add earthworks that slow down movement instead of blocking it
  • Add another type of makeshift wall made by infantry instead of villagers
  • Make it so any wall that doesn’t have a pillar attached to it is destroyed
  • Add more fences and little stone walls like you see on New England
  • Something naval themed, idk

Assertivewall, you’ve basically just described my longstanding wall related wishlist to a tee.


Walls in their current form are a bit too passive.


There’s a couple things that I think need to be done:
1.) Exactly as AssertiveWall states:

The pillarless wall trick needs to be removed. It’s problematic for several reasons:
i.) First and foremost is that it removes the ability to knock large holes in walls.
ii.) Pillarless walls mess excessively with pathing
iii.) It’s an arbitrary skill differential, and isn’t related to actual skill
iv.) It makes the minimap look terrible
A bandaid solution would be to make it so pillars cannot be selected as a group.
A long-term solution could be to change them to essentially visual artifacts. Double the build time and cost of wall segments while removing the cost and build time of pillars entirely; once the wall segment is complete, the pillar automatically builds itself. Make it so pillars cannot be deleted or cancelled without deleting or cancelling the wall segment.
Regardless of specifics, when a pillar is destroyed by enemy action, it destroys the immediately adjacent wall segments. There’s no serious reason that this couldn’t be extended in the code to include player actions.

2.) Bastions should be reworked. The tech should increase the build cost of walls AND the build time AND the tech cost should increase for each wall segment based on the number of wall segments, similar to how spies works. This would be something like a base cost off 400w 400c and increases the cost of walls from 10w per segment to 50w (remember I’m including the pillar price) and for every segment already built, the tech cost increases by 50w (removing any incentive to try to spam walls before getting the tech, with an extra 10w cost to balance out the vil seconds for gathering instead of building)



Especially the pillar being free… I would say to be built instantly too.

And also… there a trick to REPAIR those sections… The only way to make a “cross segment” is to put a wall in the ground FIRST, THEN go for the segment to repair. Can’t do this with the first segment.


Oh, and for the love of all that is holy, walls with gates should be able to be built over tradelines. It exists in the campaigns; it should be in the base game too. Maybe as a specialized building with a build limit locked behind bastions that can only be built by explorers. There’s obviously a balance between this request and the need to make fighting trade monopoly viable, but it’s needed. There would be ways to balance the two; honestly removing pillarless walls and increasing the cost of bastion segments might be enough.


yea, “only”, pathetic answer, you can use answer yes, it should be done, this must be fixed

I’d like to be able to choose whether to build in wood or stone rather than the current setup where the technology ‘wipes out’ the wood.

With that in mind I’d like to see a greater difference, with wood being the quickest and cheapest in overall cost.
Stone should be slower to build as it is now and tougher.

Wooden pallisades should be the ‘go-to’ and stone should be the one to use if you have to the time and resources.


Yea that a genuine issue IMO. :confused:

There are really two main issues with walls.

  1. Pillars should be purely cosmetic bits at the end and intersection points of walls. There’s really no other good way to handle it.

  2. Walls should be buildable over trade routes. They could just immediately be constructed as gates and could maybe have some drawbacks like having enemy units being able to sneak through when they open for the trader to pass through.

I’m not sure how they’d deal with all the existing wall structures in the old campaigns and scenarios. That might be what’s holding them back from fixing the pillar issue.

Further differentiating wall types could maybe be a civ specific bonus. It would be really cool if civs like Malta and China could get big walls you can walk on like in AoE4. But outside of that, the importance of walls was waning in the era of artillery so it’s reasonable to keep walls simple.


the stone walls have always looked strange as well. They made them a bit nicer for the DE they’re still just like gigantic tall and thin grey slabs. would be nice if they had a bigger foorprint and got a more sloped appearance, or were made shorter. They just look so odd


Just remove pillars from the game.

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Wooden palisades would solve the Lakota issue, as well. Lakota didn’t make giant walls, but palisades were common enough.


We should do the opposite.

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Absolutely agreed.


the big fort/stone walls should have more HP than just 4500 :confused:


I’ll answer your insane suggestion with a images of a treaty games… now imagine if the walls were like in aoe4 where they could only be hit with artillery.



A good rework of walls would just remove bastion as an upgrade to existing wall, but rather a tech that unlocks bastion walls to be built. Vills would be able to build wood or bastion walls as required, wooden for cheap but quick, bastion for expensive but long build time.