Ridiculous game losing freezes / lag since the last update

Anyone else having this problem? I go in with my scouts, kill 2x weak vils near the TC. Then the game continues but my clicks do nothing. All 4x scouts freeze next to enemy TC and die for nothing. Pause the game, explain to opponent who is cool about it. Game catches up with itself at fast forward super speed after about 20 seconds of frozen time.

Then castle age hits, enemy has crossbow, my knights just stop attacking, nothing moving, try to move villagers to TC, they just stand there and get killed. Never had this problem before the last update.


Every now’n then, not too often but often enough to notice, not certain if it’s specific to this patch specifically, but there have been instances where I can move units but when I attempt to have them interact with something or build something they won’t. The building itself won’t go to the ground for a minute or two followed by the order finally being followed. Might be somehow lag related but not sure.

As for your version of the issue, I believe that is lag tied with something else and has been an on and off issue regardless of patch but may be the same issue with varying effects.

Could be something as simple as your wifi receiving that data just fine but outputting personal inputs somehow gets interfered with for one reason or another. Consider getting a new wifi adapter.

Definitely not a wi fi issue because other games I play on Steam which are much faster-paced and graphics-intensive work smoothly without any problems (FPS shooters and Chivalry 2 hack n slash)

I had that issue too. For me it was a Network issue which i fixed by going from wifi repeater to cable… That is what it was for me. Doesnt help you though I guess.

Yeah I dont use wi fi. Its all ethernet cables.

Have you tried to run a ping command in the windows Shell? For example Ping -t google.com and See If the Connection times out?