Ridiculous long queue times + lag

Anybody else suffering with this? I never used to wait more than 3 minutes 1v1 max. Now since the new DLC update, it’s minimum 8 minutes and the longest I’ve waited was 16 minutes. And the weird thing is, the estimated wait time is always under 3 minutes.

As for lag, I just matched with a guy in Spain (I am only in the UK) and the lag was ridiculous. Yet both player names had no indication there was a problem. Ping clocks were both blue. I had to quit because it kept freezing, then going ultra fast, then freezing again etc.

Why does this always happen after an update?
So frustrating.

Do your friends around have same issue? Such long queue time only happens to me in PUP

Which ELO you are ?
Im 1200 and I don’t wait more than 2 - 3 min.

The queuing time seems to be mostly ok now. But the lag makes it unplayable. Surprised nobody else is having the freeze / speed up lag problem?

I have the same problem, even in 1v1 vs the AI, so it has nothing to do with the connection it seems. Unplayable right now.