Ridiculous Portuguese Exploit: Spawn Organ Guns into Enemies Base?! How is this a thing?!

Are you Poop Lord, or why are you just posting his vids continuously?

I guess the exploit is not really a Portuguese exploit, just that units can spawn through walls when Castle is adjacent. :person_shrugging:


The two players are clearly not pros. Where are the military units to stop the castle drop? Their gameplay looks janky and strange.

If the person had military units on the field they perhaps may have spotted the player dropping the castle they may be able to kill their villagers. Building next to the wall exposes yourself. A few scouts on the field may have killed the villagers traveling towards the enemy

Seems to only work with Portuguese not other civs.

def not pros but the exploit remains a big problem!

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Yep, this happened to me recently as well on arena. Opponent sent many villagers for the castle drop, so couldn’t even counter tower in time. House walled the builders so my scouts were useless.

I thought, no big deal I’ll wall behind and make a defensive castle. Nope Organ guns instantly jumped the wall and started killing my builders before they could get a wall up. The organs were within their own castle fire as well, so sending poorly upgraded cavalry after them would be suicide. The time required to break down a section of wall is crucial for defending, and with this nasty surprise it was game over.

As someone who loves to play Portuguese, I would never abuse this exploit. It’s disappointing to see blatant cheating in ranked games online.


You should report this kind of players doing bug exploits like this. These kind of players are really toxic for the community.