Ridiculous stupid chat filter but obscene/offensive names are allowed

Names like this is allowed?

I’ve seen worst name than this.

And yet I can’t chat the sentence “come here help me” ?
and I can’t say any numbers?

I think these are simple to fix. This has been going for months, and no one cares I guess…


At least that name is hardly obcene by modern standards. I’ve seen some really horrible ones but couldn’t chat kk.

I don’t think the offensive names part is on AoE to fix, that’s determined by Steam, no?

This should indeed been done by steam. Aoe is not controlling this. As far i know, steam reacts very well on reports, so mass reporting the player will most likely work.
(In STEAM, not in AoE)

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I don’t understand what rule they would even be breaking. Is it against Steam rules to have a swear word?

If you want to ban this kind of “offensive” names then you deserve to have a chat in which you are treated like a child by Relic honestly

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No crees tu amigo, que es un berrinche? y eso que importa? por mi un sujeto se puede poner de nombre adolf hitler y a mi me daría igual, viniendo de la comunidad hispana e encontrado apodos que de seguro te harían llorar (por lo blando que te ves) el querer prohibirlos o hacerlos invisibles es solo un acto de censura sesgada.

“■■■■ NATO” This is not an insult, this is a statement of facts :smile::+1:

I don’t care by the obscene name in the screenshot provided. I only give example that it is annoying that the chat filter in game is ridiculous while this one is allowed… I hope everything is allowed instead.

Sure, I love that name. But I hate that I can’t chat simple words in game “like come help me!” That’s why I am posting this topic, just for RELIC to make sense that their chat filter is ridiculous while Steam allows almost everything.

I don’t care about banning this name or not. I only care about which I can chat freely in the game.
This screenshot I provided is just to give an example that such names are allowed, and yet we can’t chat kk in the game.