Rifle/Musket/Foot Archer tags missing

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  • **GAME BUILD #:*Knights of the Mediterranean release

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Foot Archer and Rifle Infantry doesn’t appear anymore although seem to be still ingame. Some other unimportant tags like Land Military are shown, so I understand that is mistake?

You mean missing from the unit or missing from the game, cause I dont think those tags were ever shown

They were shown when you hovered the mouse in the portrait, now they don’t, maybe because Light Infantry tag was (re)introduced. But knowing if a unit is a Foot Archer, Rifle or Musket Infantry is important to know which techs and cards afect them

the light infantry tag as it currently stand was never a thing in the game until now.

I agree its important to know but I seriously have trouble remembering it was ever shown when you hover over unit portrait cause there was always confusion over what counted as musket infantry, like with the mayan javelin, gascenya and tommahawk

we should add those information to the game