Right Left Click, Team signal as LOL

Current Alt+G is too noisy and ambiguous

can give us like this clear and useful funcition?

And the pic have only 4 message
Can we make more than 4 in similar circle and have custom menu for it?
(from current number team message)


Suggestion is unclear to me. I never played LOL. Right left click, what does that mean?! I know right click or left click, but right left click? Never heard about. Also the picture on the screen is pretty meaningless to me.

Can you explain your idea a bit more so i can at least understand it, so i can give my opinion about this idea?

The post is about Map Flaring. instead of just putting a cross at the location, the game will ask some options like the ones shown in the image.
It will be very helpful if implemented.

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It should be discussed seriously.
No we have Alt+G and 1,2,3 chat taunt (very stupid communication tool0

I don’t understand devs vision of communication
please think and benchmark modernized games

Please make Customized the tool using existing Taunt(ex : 3 food please)

I sort of disagree, I think the devs have to run a very delicate line when developing aoe2 today. I like the clunkiness of the old taunts. A wheel like above would be welcome, but I would like it to be in the spirit of the old aoe2, nothing too fancy.

I don’t need more options because taunts are useful for now. Good idea but maybe it’s for Age of Empires 4. I think at least adding colour to flares makes sense because you don’t know who has flared map (helps to know players location on a nomadic map). Also you can spam flares to your enemy team (I don’t use this way).