Right way. Thank you

The patches are starting to get closer to the idea we had of aoe 4. There are things to correct but I am very happy with the path this is taking. Despite the toxicity of the forum we get very interesting debates


Totally agree.
The patches are getting better and better, this patch in my opinion was the best so far. All of the changes made were things many people were asking for, I wasn’t even expecting them to add a multiplier vs ships with siege, which is a great touch.
I am also really hyped for the upcoming naval changes.


Relic is on the right path, Im glad that the community is being heard.

At least I would think their path is right, although it delays a lot. The game will be great if they speed up not lost much time and players gone.

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can u please send link to the patch news? i cant find it anywhere

The devs are being very cautious with these changes, but appear to be in the right direction. Here’s to hoping that no new bugs are introduced.

Some bugs were quite hilarious, and I hope they get made into cheat codes in the future.

Imo I think they are too cautious thought. I was hoping for more quality of life changes, buffs to underpowered units like camels and landsknetch and some Chinese compensation changes. I never played Chinese but if I were Chinese civ main I don’t think I would like to play in this patch

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