Rise of Rome campaign in Return of Rome DLC?

Hey guys I’m considering buying the Return of Rome DLC for AOE2. I just want to know if the Rise of Rome expansion is going to be coming to Return of Rome DLC as an update/campaign? That’s the main campaign that I’m interested in.

Currently there’s Ascent of Egypt, The First Punic War, Glory of Greece, and Voices of Babylon campaigns. There’s no guarantee they’ll add more campaigns

Yes, maybe they will do it later in another dlc… RoR is missing Yamato, Reign of the Hittites and all the Roman campaigns…

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I still hope that after the poor premiere of the RoR DLC, the creators will not abandon it - this content has potential, but requires a lot of work. It’s nice that RoR adds walls and gates, but it still doesn’t offer uniqueness for every civ - the only determinant of uniqueness are Architecture Sets. It’s not the deep 90’s anymore, they could give at least one Unique Unit for each civ and one Unique Technology. Bonuses don’t make civs super special.

I hope that Unique Units, Unique Technologies and at least a few civs from the ignored Northern Europe, the Eurasian steppes and South Asia will be added to this game. It would also be nice if civs from Africa or even America were added - but these are higher expectations. New civs (with completely new Architecture Sets such as Celtic, Germanic or Nomadic) could be a bonus to typical AoE 2 DLC.

And maybe it would be better to separate RoR from AoE 2, to treat it as a separate game, but with one launcher together with AoE 2?


Return of Rome… the ‘Age of Empires Definitive, no we really mean it this time’ edition.


Of course, although I would say that if they put UUs it would no longer be AoE 1 per se… but yes, RoR has too much potential to let it die just like that… the problem it has now is that it has no players…

To me, adding Unique Techs and Unites would be like making Warcraft 2 Remastered and adding trainable heroes

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Then at least reskin the existing units. A Persian Legion unit looks like a Greek soldier. A Shang swordsman looks like a Greek one. These need fixing.


An Aztec two handed swordsman looks like a Polish one. A Japanese Cavalier looks like a Frankish one. These need fixing


That too. But at least AOE2DE has unique units…

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Warcraft 2 has some heroes even in Tides of Darkness most of them are in Beyond the dark portal.

However they could make start by adding one unique tech in Iron Age. Question is which building would give it - Government Center, Academy or Town Center or each civ would get new iron age building just for unique tech?

I meant trainable heroes

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