RM & DM TG, the matching system needs to improve, otherwise no more solo players will take the TG anymore

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the reason I play ranking games, it’s because I want a more balance game.
in RM TG, we might have few unbalancecd game like the elo is having averagely 200 difference.
but for the DM TG, this things absoultely worse, espeically for those duo team players.
If it is the case, I wish this matching can never be done, there’s totally no point to play such unbalanced game, wasting my time and just helping the others to gain their win rate.

but again, I dont think this game admin will ever concern such unfairness.
But let me tell you, as i getting higher elo by each days, I notice these unfairness is worse than worse.

you either sperate duo and solo queue, otherwise people will be less and less desire to participate this unfair matching system, which I raised out before, the preferred map and ban map option for duo teams are absolutely non-sense.

Duo team already has advanatages, espeically for AOE2, this advantages is much larger than the other games, and you keep encouraging this unfairness to happen.

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