RM Script as a mod - broken groupings

Hi, is it somehow possible to add custom made groupings into a new RM script file? My file structure looks like this:

All the groupings are part of the mod, but it doesn’t work with groupings in the mod folder. Just the groupings in the root folder are placed.

I initiate the groupings like that:

int piratesVillageID = -1;
piratesVillageID = rmCreateGrouping("pirate city", "pirate_village01");

Should I maybe change the address? And how should then such address look like when I want to target a specific player’s ID like:

C:/users/username/games/aoe3de/646465465/mods/subscribed/42687_tortuga alpha test/randmaps/groupings/pirate_village01 ?

I don’t even know if such an address is valid and if it will work for me, it doesn’t mean it will work for others as well.


So, no answer… Should I make a bug report out of it or it’s possible to solve this issue somehow? I’m afraid any custom RM is not playable because of that issue right now.

Thanks for answer.