RMS bug: Connection to non-player land breaks other connections

Game Version:

  • Build 10 March 2020
  • Platform Steam


create_connect_to_nonplayer_land blocks all future connection generations.
Additionally it blocks all team connection generation (except those involving player 1), when used after create_connect_teams_lands

Reproduction Steps:

/* example script */

base_terrain WATER

create_player_lands {
terrain_type GRASS
land_percent 20
circle_radius 40 0
create_land {
terrain_type DESERT
land_position 50 50
land_percent 10


default_terrain_replacement ROAD
default_terrain_replacement ICE

/* observe that the road connections generate but the ice connections do not */


I sadly confirm the issue is still present after the July 2020 update.

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I sadly confirm the issue is still present after the July 2021 update.

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That’s sad.

is this still present?

Last time I checked it was. However, the rms community has learned some tricks that can be used to manipulate connections by exploiting the fact that terrains with a cost of 0 cannot be crossed, and impossible connections are not created.

Hi @Zetnus !

Thanks, I will share this with my team ^^