Rocket exploit 828 range

What in the lords name is this cheat:

We were playing 2v2v2v2 on a custom map with “cheats” turned off. Suddenly their rockets spam infinite rockets with infinite range, they also appeared to have vision everywhere without spies.

I would upload the game file but cannot because “Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.”

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Oh my gosh that happened to me the other day! Its those Wilkins brothers who do it (Jimney and Gibraldur Wilkins). It was literally like one of those russian grad rockets irl sending TONS of rockets at once across the map. Is that a cheat or a hack?

jaja no existe un truco ese en el juego es un código trampa, parece que esos sujetos alteraron el codigo del juego para hacer eso xd.

You should report this in the support section.

Can you send me the custom map and a recorded game if you have it? The map should be saved in the custom map folder. I can provide the file path if you need it.


It happened to me on a game i hosted on large andes upper

Pre-Katyusha Rockets. lmao


How do I do that? I cannot find a private message function, neither am I allowed to upload here.

Discord is fine by me

That’s great what is you name + #? Or an invite link to a server?

You can find me on the main server. Or my I’d is vividlyplain#2889

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Do you have a replay of that? Should not be possible outside of Custom maps

Yeah, my guess is that this was a purpose made custom map with moded range.


This would be a fun idea for an actual cheat code in-game.