Rolodex of Unique Animations for Civ Selection

– Opposed to a drop down menu that has been used for 25 years.

I personally feel like it’s time to jump into the seat of any other major online E Sports title and look at what they are doing and blatantly rip them off. The menu looks like hot garbage and is reminiscent of many failed online platforms I have encountered in the past.

Can we please have a design team from the latest decade do something about this?

Please look at the Menu UI and game options in Company of Heroes, Overwatch, League of Legends, Etc. and compare them.

I vibe with the cute little cartoon characters, why not make the menu cute and like a cartoon too? Grab a cute lil Foley artist and make that thing super cute, please!!!

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Hmm? The golden UI fits with the art style , why we have to change it?


I like what we’ve seen from the UI so far, but that’s actually a nice idea. Just the icing on top.

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