Roman navy better than Portuguese, apparently

I thought the Romans were famous for their infrastructure, Legions, organisation, governing style, but oh no, according to the devs, one of their most famous qualities was their… Navy…? Lol, can’t wait to see Romans picked over Portuguese on Islands! XD


Caravel is castle age unit, DroMon (it’s not a dragon) is imperial age and totally different unit.
Portuguese have wood bonus now, faster techs, spend less gold and have also Feitoria.

I don’t think Romans will be picked over Portuguese honestly.

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Don’t forget that they probably will get nerfed before they’re available for ranked.


Romans lack bracer, dry dock and have no access to demo ships.


Besides the farming bug that Rome apparently has I think the Castle Age UT is what has to change.
Their Scorpions and Galleons are already strong enough.


In that case, why not give Celts +2/+2 as well? After all, the Romans took some of their ship designs from the Veneti

Giving Romans this many water bonuses when they were never famous for their navy is like giving Mongols +10%HP to their stone walls because “technically” their capital city of Karakorum had a stone wall around it haha. What’s next? Aztecs get Hand Cannons because “technically” an Aztec warrior fired a gun once? Bruh…
where’s the references to the aqueducts, cobblestone roads, land grants, battlefield construction, bridges, diplomacy and trade… why the NAVY of all things?


I agree.
I don’t think Rome should have a shit navy but no reason to have that many bonuses.

Their Castle Age UT should change to reflect some of their other traits instead of navy and even better Scorpions.
Cheaper Scorpions that benefit from ballistics should be good enough. If that’s not good enough then the Scorpion as a unit needs to be buffed for everyone.

Working aqueducts and roads might be a little too complex to be introduced into AoE2 multiplayer.


which farming bug? x20

The UT are rubbish. Get rid of them. Romans should have a UT like “Fortifications” allowing Legionaries to build anything from palisades to castles, depending on balance. Or “Cobblestone Roads” which lets all land units move 10% faster. Make it an Imp tech and nice n expensive. Or “Testudo” which gives Legionaries +2/+2 or something.
“Galley-line fires 33% faster”??? What BS

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Get rid of these dumb “Galley-line +1 attack” and extra armour on ships too. Wanna give them the Dromon? Fine. But give them bonuses ACTUALLY relevant to their history.
Oh and take the centurion off the f-ing horse. Those are called Decuriones.

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Someone claimed that Romans have +15% farming speed (basically Slavic bonus plus Roman bonus) in some thread. Didn’t test it myself.

I like the idea of letting Legionaries build barracks but that might be to similar to the Sicilian bonus.

That would be pretty overpowered.

They don’t have Bracer so it’s fine if they have some bonus to compensate for that.
They end up with normal damage and -1 range and +2/+2 armour.
Also no Demo ship, so their fleet is not that strong without the +33% attack speed bonus.

I agree with that too but I feel like that won’t happen because it’s too much of a change.


that might be to similar to the Sicilian bonus

True, though I feel like the Romans were famous enough for it to justify it. Plus it’s a unique technology, not a civ bonus, and it’s not limited to a single building, but instead all defensive buildings. For balance reasons you could remove things like castles from their pool of buildings they can make. I feel like palisades and outposts is a must at the very least.

That would be pretty overpowered.

It would make them go from 4/4 to 6/6. I’m not taking that “receive double the bonus from blacksmith techs” BS into account. We all know that’s a meme bonus that’ll get yeeted when they’re balanced for Ranked. Keeping in mind they don’t get Gambesons or Supplies or Plate Mail armor. Teutons already get a free 2 melee armor with no tech required, Malians get 3 ranged armor with no tech, Burmese get 3 extra attack. 2/2 armor for a unique tech that only effects the militia-line is not OP

They don’t have Bracer so it’s fine

No, lots of Civs that aren’t archer or navy focused don’t have bracer AND don’t have some dumb +1 bonus. Hell, Chinese have a bonus to their demos and they aren’t a Top 5 water civ, who cares if they don’t have demos? They aren’t a water civ anyway! If we’re gonna do that, lets give Celts +1 to their galley’s attack, why not? They don’t get bracer either and they’re also an Infantry civ. No. It’s needless, stupid and has no reference to anything historical or balance wise. It’s not like Romans would ONLY be playable in Ranked if their Galley’s had +1 attack. Why are you even trying to play Romans on a water map anyway? They’re an INFANTRY CIV! You mean to tell me your go-to Civ on Islands is Goths?

I agree with that too but I feel like that won’t happen

The reason why they won’t is because they’re too lazy to make a new f-ing model, just like they were too lazy to balance them for Ranked in the first place

Yeah absurd that the romans have good navy… they just called a whole body of water “our sea”


That is a pretty good and balanced bonus.
That allows them to have stronger Infantry in Feudal and Castle Age but only results in +1/0 in Imperial Age because they miss the last upgrade.
Also Legionaries already have 2/2 base armour which means they basically already have Gambesons plus +1 melee armour.
So they already end up with +2 melee amour compared to standard Infantry, which is the Teutonic bonus.
Malian Infantry only have more Pierce Armour and not also more melee armour on top. They also miss the last attack upgrade giving them -2 attack.

So “Infantry” civilisations should not allowed to have any naval bonuses?
Is it so bad that Romans have a good navy?
Japanese are only marked as an Infantry civilisation and they got fishing boat and Galley bonuses.
There are a bunch of civilisations that are marked in the wrong war. Teutons and Malians are “Infantry” civilisations but have some of the best Cavalry in the game.

I like the idea of them being able to build military production building. This way you can have a forward base without having to bring villagers.
Giving them the whole military tab of the construction interface might be a bit too much though.
That would be close to Norse in AoM.
But that’s one of the reasons why I love Norse in AoM. You can just build your production buildings right at the front.

Late Roman navy was pretty small though

That was the old Roman navy. Late western empire got raided by Vandals pretty frecuently. I would say Majorian tried to restore the navy, but he tried to restore everything.

Man, do I hate Ricimer


Well, was it? The romans didn’t just have a fleet into the mediterranean, but they also had a flottila in the danube and rhine, and had also a fleet in the atlantic to protect the britannia. At the necessity also had ships into the euphrates and tigri.

True, but the vandals actually stole their fleet to the romans, and the vandals didn’t always won by mere strength. Majoran fleet in fact was just shipwrecked, and the eastern empire still kept sending fleets to africa, until they eventually reconquered the province.

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The whole idea of a Roman civ in a medieval game is a joke anyway. You could have given them machine guns for what it’s worth. Wouldn’t change how ridiculous the whole civ is and looks.

They’ve stolen some boni I would have liked to see for Chimu and Tongans but apparently we needed a third civ based in Italy.


Dont worry, people are already asking for Venetians again