Rome DLC's unique unit for Rome

As we all know, unique unit created in the castle should be no difference in the appearance, but due to the recent file that been found, Rome’s official unique units appear differently. Is it reasonable? Would you like unique units appear differently or remain the same? And if the officially published unique units do appear differently, would the design group remake the former unique units for former 42 civs to make them different between Castle Age and Imperial Age?

What are you talking about?

Which file? Care to share it here?

You can see that the helmet and the colour of the armor is different.

It could be the uu and scenario editor unit.

One of them already is a scenario editor unit.

Yeah that what I wanted to say.

And what about elephant archer? 11

Emmmm, what about elephant archer? 11

@SouthernTunic53, are you asking whether people want Castle unique units to have different sprites for their standard and elite versions? It’s a bit unclear (to me, at least).

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I think the Rome’s unique units appear differently, why wouldn’t change other civs?

Its a generic unit now so how is that relevant here?When it was a UU it only had one skin.

It would be an interesting idea for sure.Cant wait to see an upgraded mamluke.


But the picture has shown that Rome’s uu appears differently,11

You are assuming that A) those are both UUs for the Romans, and B) they are the same UU, but one is the elite. The gold one is already a scenario editor unit, that doesn’t mean it’s a UU.


Assuming you’re right, that’s no guarantee that existing civs will be changed. A new civ having a certain feature doesn’t mean any other civ has to have the same feature. For example, Burgundians and Sicilians were the first civs with unique castle graphics, but the devs didn’t give unique castles to every other civ.

This is true, but the question of whether you think standard/elite unique units should look different is still a valid one. (Although now I don’t think that’s what @SouthernTunic53 is trying to ask…)

But the official also give votes to players to decide whether to change the original castle style.

Do they? Where do I vote?

There is vote, you do not know anyway.

Hopefully all of those leaked content will be added to aoe1’s Roman civ. We don’t need Romans in aoe2 as they don’t fit the game in any way.

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You can say the same about the Huns, but they are still in the game.