Rome was destroyed in one day achievement

Can the requirement of this achievement be increased to 35 mins? I dont think it will take away any difficulty of this achievement, it only takes away the awkward moments where you only have 1 or 2 castles left at half hp. If this does take away the difficulty, this scenario should let you research siege engineers, as goths dont get them in their tech tree

It’s supposed to be really hard, took me a few tries, but it was a fun challenge, increasing the time would be definitely easier, which I don’t like that much since it’s one of the few hard achievements
Don’t give up!

I agree on the hard thing but for me the last few mins are really unfair because I always have 1 castle remaining at half hp and non SE trebs feel like forever to take down stuff

If you fell your Trebuchets take forever to take down stuff, maybe try building more Trebuchets? Another two things that can help:

  • Don’t focus on taking down every building, focus on the Castles.
  • Use two separate armies in different parts of the city, otherwise you won’t have time.