Room for Improvement on a few a DLC or Expansion

-Can we please be able to select our own color?
-Added Civilizations of course…Byzantines, Bohemians, Aztecs, Danes…to name a few
-Unique wall art for all civilizations
-When the scenario editor is released, hopefully hero’s are more detailed than AOE2
-I think each civilization should be able to create a hero unit specific to the civilization players have selected that have certain abilities, or bonuses. Starting in the Feudal Age it would be cool to create a hero that you can upgrade to as you advance thru the ages. Each hero should have a unique unit appearance, unlike some of the vanilla heroes in AOE2. (Similar to how Empire Earth was (except heroes were not civ specific). It would add a really cool element to game play).

Richard the Lionheart- Feudal
Edward the Black Prince-Castle
Henry V- Imperial

Philip II Augustus- Feudal
Louis IX- Castle
Joan of Arc- Imperial

Frederick Barbarossa-Feudal
Rudolf I- Castle
Charles V- Imperial

Genghis Khan- Feudal
Kublai Khan-Castle
Tamerlane- Imperial

Abbasid Dynasty:
Harun al-Rashid- Feudal?
Baibars- Castle?
Al-Mutawakkil III- Imperial?

Alexander Nevsky- Feudal
Dmitry Donskoy- Castle
Ivan III- Imperial

Delhi Sultanate:
Mu’izz ad-Din Muhammad-Feudal?
Razia Sultana- Castle?
Bahlul Khan Lodi- Imperial?

Yue Fei- Feudal
Cao Cao- Castle
Zhu Yuanzhang- Imperial