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Hi @PhillySouljah, I’ve been playing your RoR campaigns, really good stuff! Thanks for your work, it is much appreciated.

A couple of things I noticed regarding After the Flood:

  • The Lion King and the Elephant King will grant you the prize for killing them only after the animal food has decayed, and it takes a really long time for the Elephant.

  • Both the Lion King, Elephant King and also the Alpha Lions in Exodus stood still while I killed them with arrows.

  • The chariot archer use the scythe chariot sprite and throw a javelin while doing the melee sound (stats and damage are correct, only the sprite is different).

  • Lagash (teal) can (and sometimes will) destroy Nippur Towers (orange), effectively resolving one of the objectives.

  • The AI has some serious trouble in dealing with walls and gates, it usually just piles the units against the walls without attacking (I’ve been playing on hard difficulty). This happened also in Empire at Sea. I haven’t played a lot of skirmishes, so I’m not sure if this is a general issue with the AI.

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Want to report that Lagash can attack Nippur without Nipper attacking back. This time i played on medium difficulty, player “Green” needs a buff as they always get wrecked by Lagash.