RoR Dataset found to contain many AoE units and buildings, but they're just hidden

Credit to this mod: Mods Single - Age of Empires


There is already a thread about this, but yeah this is super cool!
I am currently using some of this to make a mini campaign about the earliest Mesoamerican civlization. (Why the heck is their name censored?)

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Oh, sorry, I didn’t see that thread.

Why did they make AoE buildings so small lol

This is an amazing mod, adds loads of extra AoE2 stuff. I find that the AoE2 asian architecture mixes well with Return of Rome. You can use three kinds of Temple of heaven, kind of funny. The unit icons are messed up though, they are usually missing or something weird like a berry bush for Chu ko nu which in turn shows up as the Zug cheat.

Yeah the Chu-ko-nu graphics got replaced by the zug.

Wait three temples of heaven? Where’s the third?

There’s the Asian Wonder/Castle/Monument, and the Aoe 2 Temple of Heaven.
There’s a third? Oo

AoE1 and AoE2 have a different building style.
The actual footprint is often the same.

Like the House is 2x2 and the Barracks is 3x3 in both games.
Some buildings have even larger footprints in AoE1 like the Granary is 3x3 while the Mill is only 2x2.

But AoE2 buildings are taller and fill out the footprint more “efficiently”, something that was not really possible in AoE1 because they didn’t have unit silhouettes yet so it would have been impossible to see units behind the tall buildings.
Some AoE2 buildings are even bigger then their footprint, towers for example are wider at the top.
AoE1 towers have a larger 2x2 footprint but they are a little more pyramid shaped and sometimes have a little empty space on the footprint filled with decorations.

So yeah, most of the buildings from AoE1 and AoE2 are incompatible with each other while most units are (not elephants).

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AoE1 east Asian wonder, AoE2 Chinese wonder, AoE2 Temple of Heaven.

True but you can’t access the Aoe 2 Chinese Wonder in RoR.

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You should be able to access the graphic, if RoR has the same triggers as base AoE2. Pick a host building, set Modify Attribute → Standing Graphic to 3080. And build or create the new structure in-game (or replace an existing one).

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