Rotate Camera keybind bount to Shift - Breaks all queueing


Similar to the issue here: Unbind Alt as rotate camera, my camera rotate key is bound and I cannot change it. An image to show:

The problem is more severe, however, in that it is bound to shift. This effectively means any sort of queueing that involves using the shift key (queueing move orders, building something then gathering, etc) or selecting/deselecting units into groups (shift click a unit to add it to the current selection) does not work.

Unfortunately, losing that amount of control really makes it difficult to play the game as normal. Is there a location for the files for keybinds that could be modified, or some way to fix this?

I currently have two “keyboards” attached. A razer pad (Tartarus Pro), and a 60% keyboard, if that might help with debugging.

Thank you!
Thank you!

Somewhat solved my own thing. I had swap shift and alt on and didn’t realize it was enabled. Disabling this at least made the rotate camera bind to alt, which means I can use shift again.