Rotate focus unit selection - QOL


The hotkey ‘Focus selected unit(s)’ should probably rotate focus the selected units when pressed multiple times.
The use-case for this in my case is when I’m playing HRE:

  • I have an army and some prelates
  • I built Regnitz Cathedral
  • I want to pick up relics
  • I sent prelates to relics
  • I accidently press select all army and move
  • I want to redirect prelates to relics again
  • I select all army again
  • shift click (or control, I don’t remember which one it is) on the prelates in the army group to only select them
  • I press ‘Focus selected unit(s)’ to see where on the map they are so I can redirect them accordingly

It only focusses on one prelate

It rotates between multiple prelates

I think this could be useful in far more situations then just this one.

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Thanks @Rexdankayo! I’ve logged this so the team can look into it. Appreciate it.