Royal Bloodline doesn't gain HP to Jeanne d'Arc

If Royal Bloodline is researched before Jeanne d’Arc becames a rider, after she leveled up, she wouldn’t get the +35% bonus HP.

The following video demostrate the bug:

  • notice that at 0:00 royal bloodline is being researched
  • after researched, JD levels up.
  • after leveled up, JD doesn’t get the bonus HP

And btw, aoe4world suggests that Siege Works research gains +20% HP to JD as Blast Cannon. For now, only Chemistry but not Siege Works affects L4 JD. I wish this is a bug too, or at least aoe4world has a bug.

for record, after patch 9.2, the bug still exists. When Royal Bloodline is researched before JD reaching level 3, JD won’t get the +35% bonus HP.