Royal guard names that still need to be improved

First of all it has been much better than legacy (where many royal guard names are nonsense or misplaced) but here are still a few that bothers me:

Czapka uhlan: why does it upgrade to a hat? (not to mention with imperial upgrade only the hat part remains) This name fits better for an improvement card, but I don’t know what would be a better name for RG uhlan. Anyone has any ideas?

Legionario musketeer: okay that’s better than Guerreiro…but still rather generic. In fact both Portuguese RGs are kinda forced and feels more like “what unit types haven’t got enough RGs yet?”

Jinete dragoon: jinete is either generic horseman, or a specific cavalry type that preceded dragoons…why Portuguese got RG dragoons in the first place?
(Didn’t notice this is already renamed, but it’s still rather generic)

Garrochista lancer: garrochista is a much narrower and less known term. And the most famous garrochistas are from the Napoleonic era while the model is obviously “archaic”. I personally think this name should be swapped with the caballero card. Caballero fits better to the model.

Gendarme cuirassier: the “heavy cavalry” gendarme preceded cuirassier. There were later regiments called gendarmes but less relevant. For the RG cuirassier maybe other renowned units from the Napoleonic era like “horse grenadier” makes more sense (the model does not fit that well though). Unfortunately “carabineer” fits better to the model but it has been used.

Galilean mortar: I know Galileo but this just does not sound like a proper military unit…more like a Renaissance-punk fantasy unit in Rise of Legends.

Also including some church card and native technologies that resemble RG upgrades:

Waardgelder (stradiot): waardgelders are Dutch mercenaries. I don’t think Dutch famously employed stradiots. They employed lots of Scots and Swiss afaik.

Wild Geese (harquebusier): harquebusiers at least make some more sense than hackapells, but now we have the actual “wild geese” (Irish brigadiers) in the game.

Order of Tower and Sword (black rider): once again the unique stuff for Portuguese feels like “what unit type we haven’t included yet?”. There is no relevance. Maybe change to cannoneers.

Royal Scots Grey (totenkopf hussar): even if the actual Scots Grey were the “heavy cavalry type of dragoons”, there is still no relationship with Brunswick totenkopf hussars. Either rename it to King’s German Legion or make a proper unit (maybe a high melee dragoon like the royal dragoon). Yeah we finally got the actual winged hussars for the winged hussar card but now this.


First I want to say that it does not seem to me that it makes much sense for unique units to have royal guard upgrades , I think it is redundant, these upgrades should be reserved for units that are shared but are better for certain civilizations since they represent great effectiveness and use given to certain historical units by these nations, such as the British Redcoat Musketeers, the French Voltigeur Skirmishers, or the Spanish Tercio Pikemen. If it was up to me there wouldn’t be any unique units with Royal Guard upgrades, instead they would have more cards that enhance them.

Regarding changes to some consulate or royal guard unit names, I don’t think this is really important, but here are a few ideas just for fun:

Czapka Uhlan: This name doesn’t make much sense, it’s not like the Uhlans were ever called that, Czapka is the name of the hat the Uhlans wear. I would call them “Szwoleżer”, which is the name used by Polish cavalry units equivalent to the Chevau-léger of other armies, during the Napoleonic wars. Szwoleżerowie – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

Gendarme seems to me an appropriate name since certain police units are called gendarmes to this day, and not only in France, but also in many countries. Another possibility is, if the British Royal Guard Hussars are called “Life guard Hussars”, then the royal guard Cuirassier could be called “Garde du corps Cuirassier”, or something like that. Garde du corps — Wikipédia

Garrochista Lancer: If the British Royal Guard Hussars are called “Life guard Hussars”, then the Royal Guard Lancers could be called “Escolta Real Lancer” or something like that. File:Emblem of the Royal Escort Squadron (Spain).svg - Wikipedia

Jinete Dragoon: “Jinete” is a Spanish word, in Portuguese it would be more correct to call it “Ginete”. Jinetes used lances, so it would be a more appropriate name for a Lancer than a Dragoon Jinete - Wikipedia

Jinete is already been renamed to legion dragoon.

That is actually the source of this “problem”.
Unique units already have unique names, and they are already more specific than shared units, so finding another appropriate unique name for them is much more difficult as it often points to a different real-life unit.


I didn’t notice that. But doesn’t it overlap with “legionario”?

The devs sneakly put it in a while ago.

Yes legion and legionario sounds almost the same, maybe they couldn’t find a better fitting name.

Caballero for Spanish would be like calling them medieval knights so big no to that.

Not royal guard but I think Rangers should be renamed to Green Jackets, because british riflemen they were nicknamed as such and later on officially named as such.

Not to mention It goes along nicely with their line infantry being red coats.


Yeah I do agree that this it weird to give this Scottish upgrade to what appear to be German cavalry. I’d be happy to see Royal Scots Greys added as a separate unit.

I think this could make a nice infinite home city card - Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (1000 food + 500 coin) (sends 12 Scots Greys)

Agreed, like you said it should be “Green Jacket” as I think “Ranger” sound like more of an American name for a unit than it does a British one.

I think they really need to add some extra bonuses to those RG units. The 10% bonus is really very insignificant and boring. They could give flavor to RG units.

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I think the royal guards should get a charged ability. Some examples could be as follows:

Skirmishers - Volley Fire - A slightly stronger attack with greater than normal range
Musketeers - Bayonet Charge - Gain a speed boost and strong melee attack (like Carolean Charge)
Hussars - Death Strike - Power strike (already available to Totenkopf Hussars)
Pikemen - Push of Pike - A piercing strike with directional AOE (like the Lance Charge)


And a slight skin change like the revolutionary units, or US’s “unique” imperial hussar skin.
No need to be drastic so that one still recognizes the same unit.


it most go to hat because hats are back then when it was harder to because of centrail heating stay warm, hats were important for dryness and warmth, hats were royal emblems, and is not like the hat you think of t oday, cheap, from china, but royal hats. the royale guard hat upbrade is fine imo

The names that have to change (in Spanish) are Hacienda/Estate and Livestockpen/HaudStable that share names.

Estate should be changed in English too. There’s nothing wrong with Plantation.


It used to be called “plantación” in Spanish too. What a unnecessary change, it only made this more confusing. Now the hacienda and the estate have the exact same name in Spanish

My favourite is how they changed “Medicine Man” to “Healer”. Medicine Man is not at all offensive and now Healer conflicts with the term for all the units in that class. The only argument I’ve seen is that their role is more of a spiritual and community leader instead of a healer… which is essentially the same as a Priest or Imam.