Royal Rumble 1v1 achievement

So I just completed a royal rumble match as Malians, not using any seige or naval units, not losing any villagers, and I didn’t get ANY of the related achievements. I figure that maybe Royal Rumble isn’t considered “skirmish”, so I’ll just go play a regular skirmish, but I should have at least received the achievement for completing a 1v1 royal rumble match. Does it have to be multiplayer or something?

Event challenges cannot be completed using mods
Unless the challenge explicitly calls for a mod
So you should only have completed one anniversary event challenge

Ok. But even still, I did not receive credit for the 1v1 royal rumble match.

I tried the exact same thing, but then realized the royal rumble is technically a mod so you can’t get any of the other ones while doing it.

I did get the Royal Rumble achievement though.

I do believe that in the script used to make the official RoyalRumble mode some functions are implemented through the use of certain debugging “cheats” that require the declaration of cheats being activated by default at start. They may have worked around it by now but, I have completed the royal rumble 1v1 win event challenge successfully using my custom rumble mod modes (can’t unpublish a version i uploaded unintentionally on a profile I no longer have game pass on, so there are two, both work as far as i can tell though) since (i believe this is why) I did not include any cheat-dependent functions in the script.
{The mod I was using when challenge was completed}
Good luck!